[Tips] to Get the Look of New Kitchen Cabinets in the Easy Way

[Tips] to Get the Look of New Kitchen Cabinets in the Easy Way

Installing new kitchen cabinets is probably one of the most expensive parts of every kitchen or home remodeling in Paradise Valley—or any part of the globe for that matter. It is known to take up almost half of the entire remodeling budget. On top of that, replacing your kitchen cabinets with new ones is a hard task to do. Putting the two together, it is understandable to be discouraged by the whole process of your Paradise Valley remodeling.

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And we understand that not everyone can afford to do this. But it is a shame not to because kitchen cabinets are very important in setting the entire mood of the kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets look outdated, then you can expect your kitchens to look just as dull. Just ask any remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, and they will tell you that kitchen cabinets not only keep your kitchen look updated but increase the value of your home as well.

So what is there to do?

Well, the good news is that there is a lot of inexpensive and easy alternatives to changing the old look of your kitchen cabinets anew. And we have listed a number of great tips and ways to help you achieve that. Read on below to find out:

Tip 1: Paint them!

Nothing is as good as painting your old cabinets to make it new again. If you find that your old kitchen cabinets are still fairly good and durable but only need a slight change in appearance, then painting it with a new color is just the right fix it needs. Tired-looking kitchen cabinets are just a new coat of paint away from making them look alive. In the process, you’ll lift the entire look of your kitchen.

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Now, this brings us to another question: what color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

Fortunately, as the year progresses, there are a number of paint colors that you can choose from to reflect your own personal aesthetic. Your remodeling contractor in Scottsdale can even provide you with a list of them. But for the sake of keeping you in the know of the latest trends and help you choose timeless color combinations, here are some things you can consider:

Neutral – If you want a more neutral design, then paint your cabinets with white for that fresh and clean look. You can also go with gray or beige. These three colors are even great canvasses that go well with any other colors like yellow, blue, red, or green.

Middle-ground – On the other hand, if you prefer somewhere in the middle and not strictly neutral, then you can absolutely go for it. There are colors that you can add for that pop of color to shake things up a bit like citrusy yellow or lime green. If you want to compliment your neural background, then paint your cabinets with sky blue, mint green, or emerald. For a more sophisticated look, try dark gray or navy blue. Just make sure that when your cabinets are in a darker shade, your walls should be white or something very light in color to balance.

Mix and Match – Now if you want something to mix and match your cabinets with then you can consider painting a lighter color on the top cabinets and bolder on the bottom. There are also color blocking and ombre aesthetics that you can try.

Tip 2: Light Them Up with Task Lightning or Uplighting

Aside from painting, there is actually one way to update your kitchen cabinets. This is through adding task lighting or uplighting. Now, this may all sound new to you. And you are exactly right. This solution is probably one of the most overlooked choices out there. Nevertheless, putting lighting can totally improve not only your kitchen cabinets but your entire kitchen as well.

Aside from its practical use, adding lighting on your kitchen cabinets can make the whole room glow; more so if it is installed in a multi-directional approach. To do this, you can use uplighting from energy-efficient LED on top of your cabinets. Then for the bottom, you can put task lighting from LED under-cabinet fixtures.

You can consult with whoever is doing your home remodeling in Paradise Valley for some lighting recommendations. Also, lighting is great for setting the mood of the place.

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Tip 3: Give Open Shelving a Try

If you find your kitchen cabinets still in a good condition save for the door, then consider removing them and give open shelving a try. Open shelving is a great alternative to lighten your usual closed-off kitchen. Also, taking off the doors make the utensils and ingredients inside your cabinets more accessible. The only trick you need to keep in mind is to fill the shelves with the items you often use. Of course, some things in your kitchen still need closed storage. So by opting for an open shelf, make sure to strategically choose which cabinets to use.

Tip 4: Add Glass Door Inserts

Now if you want that open shelving concept but still with doors, then you can achieve that effect by adding glass door inserts. You can easily remove those doors and replace them with glass. This is even very much affordable since it is estimated to cost only a fraction of what replacing the entire kitchen cabinets would cost.

And just like paint, there are now a lot of choices and options that you can opt for. Aside from clear glass, there are now etched, fluted, crackled, colored, and patterned glasses that you can add to your Paradise Valley remodeling.

Tip 5: Install Roll-Out Shelving

From the outside, let us move on to the inside of your kitchen cabinets. You can actually improve them by installing roll-out shelving. Roll-out shelving adds the functionality to your kitchen cabinets. They are great for organizing the contents inside. They maximize storage space and provide easier access to items. When you open your cabinets, you can easily grab onto the roll-out shelves and get what you need. There is no need to reach for the back. Also, they are best installed for bottom cabinets. However, there are actually appropriate ways and strategic places to install them. For this, you can ask your remodeling contractors in Scottsdale for help and suggestions.

Tips to Get the Look of New Kitchen Cabinets in the Easy Way
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Tip 6: Make-Over with Chicken Wire

Going back to the topic of doors, if your kitchen cabinets only need their doors for replacing, then why don’t you give them a make-over by replacing door fronts with chicken wire. This stylish yet underrated solution is great for those who love DIY and are on a budget. You can even achieve that farm-life aesthetic and feel in your kitchen with this. To do this, we have the following methods below:

  • Remove your cabinet doors from the kitchen cabinet.
  • Drill a pilot hole for the jigsaw on the edge of the panel.
  • Place your cabinet door outside up, so you can follow the shape of the panel.
  • Using the pilot hole, cut out your panel with the jigsaw, following the lines of the panel.
  • Using the cutout panel as a pattern, cut your chicken wire. Make the chicken wire about 1.5 inches larger than the opening all the way around, or as large as the frame will allow if that’s too big.
  • Staple the chicken wire panel to the cabinet door frame, stretching it taut while you’re doing the stapling.
  • Reattach the doors to the cabinets

Tip 7: Crown Them with Molding

If your kitchen cabinets are all good but still look dry and dull, then maybe all they need are a good crown molding. Crown molding is just another word for cornice, or simply the molding that protrudes on a surface. This solution is great for adding some height to your kitchen cabinets. It also adds a sophisticated touch to your entire kitchen. You can talk with your contractors doing home remodeling in Paradise Valley for some suggestions. But if you want to do it yourself, then you will find the entire process easy. All you need is buy some molding and drill it on top of your kitchen cabinets.

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Tip 8: Update your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Though small they may be, the hardware in your kitchen cabinet can really increase their style factor. Change up your knobs and add in some details. There are actually a lot of designs you can choose from. So pick one that best suits your kitchen and personal aesthetic. If you find your entire kitchen cabinet dull, then a good pop of color using your hardware can take that away.

Installation and Painting Process
With all of those great tips above, it is time to put them into action. We have here the process and steps that you can follow if you opt for a DIY Paradise Valley remodeling. This only goes for painting over your kitchen cabinets as well as installing the hardware. For the rest, you must consult other resources.

Removing Kitchen Cabinets
The first thing in this entire process is, of course, removing the kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, as well as its hardware. While doing this, it helps to label each door and parts with a painter’s tape. This is to help you remember which cabinet door is for which and where it should go. You should also keep the hardware in a separate bags with their corresponding labels.

Taping the Kitchen Cabinets
The next thing is preparing your kitchen cabinets for painting. And that entails taping them first. Tape your cabinet frames so that the paint won’t get on your walls or the backsplash. For the floor, you can use a drop cloth. You can also cover your countertops for that extra protection.

Deglossing Your Kitchen Cabinets
With those preparations above, it is now time to apply a deglosser on your kitchen cabinets. This will help eliminate the task of sanding. But if you prefer to sand out your kitchen, then do it instead of this. However, you must remember that sanding takes some time and is quite messy.

So to degloss, apply a generous amount of deglosser onto the scrub pad and thoroughly wipe the cabinet doors. Don’t miss out on the corners and divots. Once done, wipe any excess with a damp rag. The end look should be a matte appearance.

Applying the Gray Coat
Right after deglossing, let us now move on to painting the gray cabinets. Take out a gray bond coat and stir it thoroughly with a stir stick. Then, using a high-quality synthetic paint brush, apply the bond coat in even coats. Make sure to brush in the direction of the wood grain. Wait for 2-3 hours for the coat to dry before applying the second coat.

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Applying the White Coat
Once you have applied your gray coat, you will then move on to applying the white bond coat. To do this, simply repeat the process you did with the gray coat.

Applying the Top Coat
Given that your cabinets have fully dried, you can then get started on applying the top coat. You can still follow the process of applying with the ones above. However, you must take note that the top coat dries rather quickly. So be wary not to over brush. Repeat this step on the kitchen cabinet doors. After, let the doors and frames dry completely for at least 12 hours.

Replacing the Kitchen Cabinet Doors
After drying it all for 12 hours, you can now re-install your newly painted kitchen cabinet doors. Follow the numbering or label you did at the beginning of the process.

Adding New Drawer Pulls and Knobs
Once everything is back in place, it is now time for you to add your new drawer pulls and knobs to cap off the look. But remember, before using the cabinet, wait at least 24 hours. This is to ensure that everything has settled well.

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