Tiny House Remodeling and Expansion Ideas [2018]

Tiny House Remodeling and Expansion Ideas [2018]

Tiny doesn’t always mean lack of space. People around the city are starting to downsize their living by building tiny houses of about 300 square meters. Designers are coming up with innovative ways to make a small area become spacious because preferring a small house isn’t really a suffering. It allows a family or a person to utilize their resources for other important living expenses. Tiny houses also promote interaction between inhabitants due to its compressed space.

But in case you already have a tiny house that needs to be remodeled, there are ways to do so. You can always contact remodeling contractors Scottsdale area trusts. And in case you’re intending to put up extensions, an expansion plan can also be conceived by a contractor.

Of course, you would not want to be empty-handed with ideas when you meet a remodeling company. So to get you started, here is a quick guide for your home revamp this 2018.

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Things to remember before remodeling a tiny house

Remodeling a tiny house is no less different from reworking a regular household except that you’ll be working with a small area. It can simply be about changing windows to make the small abode look fresher or redesigning the whole thing. The main goal is to come up with more living space. But before you sign up for a construction contract, make sure that you have considered the following:

Ask advice from the municipal zoning office

House expansion becomes problematic when you do not consult the authorities. Your neighbors might have concerns about the extension or you have to delve into the technicality of meeting the required minimum setback.

Consider adding a second floor

Expansion does not always have to be purely horizontal. Explore the possibility of adding a second floor as an expansion of your tiny house. This will save you a chunk of land area and you can avoid issues that may surround rear and side additions.

Convert home spaces

In case expansion is impossible, you should consider remodeling by converting some areas from your small house into living spaces. You can remodel your basement as a bedroom or you can have your porch enclosed so your young ones will have a playpen. Removing redundant fixtures will give your home a big breathing space.

18 techniques to remodel and expand a tiny house

Remember that remodeling is not contained in the idea of total renovation. Sometimes, small details like using hooks to hang your pans instead of piling them in a cabinet will make a big impact in space. This goes the same to expansion. Extending your house’s space is not just about adding a second floor or building a porch. You can also perform expansion inside by removing unnecessary space-eaters. If you have a background in home remodeling Paradise Valley used to do, you are up for a good start.

remodeling by converting some areas

1. Build storage areas

In a tiny house, space is precious. Don’t let excess space on your house go to waste. Put shelves and cabinets under the stairs or drawers beneath the bed. Beds usually have spaces under and you can utilize it as a storage area for another mattress. Place more storage areas near the ceiling like hooded vents. Putting high shelves will give your house a tall look as well as the use of ottomans as a chair and storage bin inside.

2. Don’t be afraid to remove your darlings

Decors you put effort into or tables you value the most: be ruthless on your darlings. If these items do not serve an important purpose, especially the decors, remove the, inside the house. You will be surprised by how much space there is that can be used as living space. Avoid storing items you do not need and those that do not possess any solid use.

shelves and cabinets

3. Put bigger windows

Wide windows let the light and air in. It also makes your house look spacious and less “trapping”. You can put a low windowsill or glass windows to let more sunlight possible like how they do when home remodeling Paradise Valley style. Modernizing your small windows will give your house a cooler look or you can turn your home into a semi-greenhouse will put you close to nature. Such thing gives a pleasant feeling and it can also alternate as entry points aside from your main doors.

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4. Repurpose existing rooms

Some owners of tiny houses usually have enough space inside, it just happens that their rooms are not strategically utilized. Dining rooms are barely used, especially if you have the habit of eating in the living room. You can repurpose it as an entertainment area or another bedroom. If there’s a small sleeping area adjacent to the unused space, you can extend it for a wider sleeping area. Also, consider switching to space-saving closets if you do not have a lot of clothes.

5. Rule over the palette

You are the one who will live inside your tiny house so go ahead and take over the palette. Choose the color that will make you feel at home since contractors usually consider the preference of their clients. The look and design of the tiny house should revolve around your taste and the other members of the household. Channeling your own take of the remodeling will make the house homier, so go on and choose a splash of color that represents your personality.

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6. Consider glass doors and walls

Glass doors and walls give a spacious feel when you are inside the tiny house. The expanse of nature you see from the inside becomes a breathing space, thus defeating the feeling of being trapped in a small room. Replacing a solid brick wall with glass will make a big difference especially if placed on your living room. Like the bigger windows, glass doors and walls allow more light to enter your house. It adds a minimalist touch to your home.

7. Insert partitions

A spacious room can turn into a shared sleeping area with a partition. Minimalist partitions also make tiny house look organized without looking too cramped up. Wood can make a good choice but you can also consider tent fabric that can be rolled up and down. It allows privacy and me-time especially for kids without needing to a lot of hammering and nailing. Furnitures can also be used as partitions on the living room or bedroom, a closet for example.

8. Plan the kitchen

You can go big on your kitchen without needing too much space. Start by removing excess cabinets and building a kitchen peninsula. With this, you no longer need to have a separate dining area as your family can use the countertop as the dining table. You can have informal family meals here and convert the dining room into something more useful. If you currently have a galley kitchen, put a benchtop-height table inside to serve as the formal dinner table. This is typically done on most Paradise Valley remodeling.

9. Use hooks and fold-up tables

Another way to make space on your kitchen is to ditch storage cabinets and hang your pans and ladles instead. You can attach a piece of wood on the wall and bury hook screws on it. You’ll have an instant utensil hanger and a vintage design to sport on your kitchen. Inside the bedrooms, you can install fold-up tables that can serve as study table/nightstand. It can easily be put out of the way whenever you need space.


1. Expand vertically

Aside from the benefits of having a tiny house, one reason why homeowners prefer a smaller abode is the lack of land area. If this is the case, you can explore the possibility of constructing a second floor on your house like what is mentioned earlier. Expanding your house vertically will solve the problem of lack of space and the shortage of land area. Make sure that you secure necessary permits before starting the construction.

2. Play on the ceiling height

If you do not want the idea of a second floor, you can increase the height of your ceiling. High ceilings also mean that you have more space for wall storage. The usual ceiling height of homes are sub-eight feet but you can go as high as 12 or 13.

3. Put up negative spaces

Negative spaces are empty spots where your eyes can rest. This is very important inside a tiny house to avoid the feeling of being crowded or boxed up. A little bit of breathing space is luxurious and it will reduce fixture fatigue that many tiny houses experiences. If you can get rid of the coffee table on your living room without being emotional, do so and let a little space sit open. Just don’t overdo the negative spaces or you might toss out the essentials.

4. Utilize your yard

If you have a yard you rarely tend, you can use it for the rear addition of a new structure. You can build a small greenhouse or a veranda where you can lounge during lazy days. These luxuries are important so you can still enjoy the simple joys of a usual household even in a small space. You can also connect it to your house as a new bedroom, kitchen, or an enclosed garage. Connecting to your yard is a big move to having more living space.

5. Push the wall a bit

Does your house have a walkway on the side? If this is barely used, you can simply push you wall to occupy the space. You will be surprised by how much space will be added that you can use as storage area or additional allowance for a bedroom partition. Such small details make the biggest difference when expanding a tiny house. Gobbling that space will not cost you a lot and you can actually do it yourself if you have the tools and skills.

storage area or additional allowance

6. Window on the roof

If you are installing a spacious sleeping loft, extend the construction work a notch by putting up a roof window. You would love the late night stargazing that even those with big houses will envy. It will let more light in and serve as storage spaces-slash-décor galore. Just don’t overdo it; otherwise, you will be losing comfy space.

7. Build an elevated deck

The absence of enough land space is not a hindrance to expand your floor area. After having a second floor on your tiny house, you can have an extended, elevated deck constructed. You can use this as an alternative to a ground level veranda. Pairing it with a glass door would add perspective to your second floor as well as space to move around.

8. Remove the space hogs

Space hogs are the fixtures or partitions that eat a lot space instead of utilizing it. Free your floor plan with these like unnecessary stairwells, hallways, or fixtures. Putting built-in couches is a good answer to space hogs since you can use the underpart as cabinets. Fixing everything on the wall will give you lavish floor space where you can walk or rest your eyes.

9. Purge the clutter

So you have done everything to remodel and expand your home, but have you removed the clutter. Clutter does not always mean dusty boxes. It could also be excess clothes that you are not wearing which forces you to use a bigger closet.

Of course, you also have to remove those boxes of old things to expand your tiny house space from the inside. If something does not have a specific purpose, you can toss it to the clutter box.

Tiny houses are becoming the trend and remodeling or expanding these abodes is also a big thing nowadays. This is the reason why Paradise Valley remodeling is gaining traction together with other areas in Arizona.

These tips are effective in terms of providing more space and utilizing every square meter of your home. It is up to you which you will apply to your tiny house. One thing is for sure: all these will make a difference in your living space.

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