Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet Designs [2018]

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet Designs [2018]

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, the cabinets are always the most popular place to start. Even if you have a small kitchen and not a ton of storage space, your cabinet design can stand out as a strong centerpiece of your overall kitchen aesthetic. The look of your cabinets can give your whole home a fresh and impressive look, especially if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future. If you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley, Pankow Construction is an expert in kitchen cabinet remodeling.

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Now that we’re into 2018 and home remodeling is on the rise thanks to Fixer Upper and all of the other great HGTV shows, there are so many cabinet design varieties to choose from. Picking the one that flows with the aesthetic of your home is important. We’ve put together a list of cabinet designs that are sure to pop even with your small kitchen storage.

Here are a few cabinet design ideas for small kitchen storage:

Corner Cabinets

Adding a large corner cabinet into your kitchen layout will add a ton of storage space that’s well-hidden. These usually have doors that fold open and hide a large space that’s perfect for storing your pots and pans. If you have a small kitchen and you’re limited to existing cabinet space, this is a really great way to add that additional room you’re looking for.

Open shelving

If you have cramped space, and if you can keep a clean look, then maybe you choose to consider open shelving and lost the cabinet doors. The open-shelf look is a highly popular look right now and as long as it’s tidy and organized and your dishes look nice, then it’s a great choice for a small kitchen with limited space.

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Above cabinet shelving

Another option for additional storage and shelving in your small kitchen is to add above cabinet shelving. This adds vertical height to your space and helps you to store some of those items that you may not be using every day. They key is to keep this space looking neat and tidy if it’s an open shelving unit.

Hack your cabinets

You can add hooks to the back of the doors on your cabinets to hang different tools, or you can even add a file holder to hold your foil and plastic wrap. Hang your cleaning products on a rod in the cabinet, and store your trash bags in a paper towel-like way. All of these tricks add space to your cabinets, as everything won’t be resting on the bottom surface.

Maximize existing storage space

If getting all new kitchen cabinets is not within your budget currently, you can look at alternative ways to maximize the existing storage space that you do have. Utilizing small tools like dowel rods can help you create plate holders that allow you more room and organization opportunities. You can also add little shelves to your cabinet space to add even more surface space for your dishes. If you’re in a cramped space, these simple tricks can help you maximize your current cabinet design.

Eliminate unnecessary food storage

You can put food items in organized and neatly labels containers rather than trying to shove all of the different containers in your cabinets, only to have them spilling out later. This is a good way to maximize your space while making your kitchen look neat and tidy, two great things for small kitchens with limited room for your food and dishes, let alone a cook in the kitchen.

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Tilt-down drawers

Even the smallest spaces can be useful for cabinet storage. You can add a tilt-down drawer right under the sink to hold different dish items. Or add one in a different spot for miscellaneous items. This is a good way to keep items and clutter off of the counter and neatly stored away in your cabinets.

Light-colored kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you will want to use light colored cabinets like greys and whites in order to keep your space feeling large and airy. Darker colors will keep your kitchen feeling small and closed in, which gives it a more cluttered feel. If you’re concerned about space in your kitchen, you can start by choosing a color that hints otherwise.

Vertical space

While not a cabinet solution itself, hanging things like larger utensils and pots and pans will help you to the clear drawer and cabinet space while eliminating your need to add more storage to your already cramped kitchen. Keeping these items clean and neatly organized will give your kitchen a good look.

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Adding drawers to your cabinet space can help you to pack more in, without it looking jammed and overflowing. You can use this for dishes, or you can organize your whole pantry in your small cabinet space. Doing this will help you to free up space for other items that may need to be stored in your other cabinets that were taken over by food items and small appliances before.

Keep the clutter out

If you have a small kitchen space, to begin with, don’t overcrowd it by keeping unnecessary clutter in the drawers and cabinets. Utilize other storage areas throughout your home for those items and keep only the kitchen items in the kitchen. This will end up saving you a lot of space that you may have not even realized you were taking up with random additions.

Now that we’ve looked at all of the great small kitchen storage solution designs, let’s take a look at the top design trends for cabinets that you can consider for your new kitchen remodel.

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet Designs
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Add a shelf between your cabinets and your counter

If you add a shelf to your backsplash, you are adding an additional storage opportunity for glasses and other items you have in your kitchen. It can be a simple glass shelf, or a wood colored one depending on the aesthetic of your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to make it a wet bar to store all of your martini and wine glasses and open up space in your cabinets for your daily drinkware.

Plate rack cabinets

For your plates, you could consider adding a plate rack instead of stacking them in the cabinet. This will give your room more depth and less of a closed off feel while providing a nice organized space for all of your plates.

Pull-out pantry

You can make one of your cabinets a pull out pantry if you’re missing an actual pantry in your small kitchen. These are super convenient and well hidden. Organize them by putting your food items into your own jars, rather than filling with all of the store packagings. If you have a cabinet area that is slightly skinnier and not very practical for your dishes or pots and pans, this is a great opportunity for a pull-out pantry.

Here are the top design trends in cabinet design:

Blue Cabinets

If you’re looking for a pop of color in your kitchen, but not one that is overly bright and colorful, go for a subdued blue hue. It gives a fresh, soft look that’s timeless. It pairs great with white accents and a cool blue backsplash. This look is sure to brighten up your kitchen without too much of a color shock.

Metallic Cabinets

This look is definitely more along the lines of the industrial, shiny look. If you have stainless steel appliances, your kitchen will have a seamless design flow that kind of gives off that fun, commercial kitchen vibe. If you are a chef or you simply love being in the kitchen, this is a great look for you. It’s important however that the look of an industrial kitchen will flow with the rest of your home and not clash too much.

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You can also go with a more bronze, gold, or brass color to your metallic cabinets. These are created with a foil finish and you can either go reflective or more matte with the end look. The one thing to keep in mind when choosing this style of cabinet is that they are a bit higher maintenance in order to keep all of the fingerprints from showing.

Dark Tones with High Gloss

This cabinet design has a lacquered look and gives a sheen to your kitchen. This style has a mirror-like appearance and can be purchased in a variety of colors. The darker hues give your kitchen a stronger, more bold look. This is a very modern look for a kitchen, so it’s important to have a home that reflects a modern aesthetic rather than a traditional one.

Jewel Tone Cabinets

This is a very popular look lately with deep, colorful hues. The rich purple colors are becoming increasingly popular and give off a look of luxury and sophistication. Choosing deeper colors is a much safer option than selecting super bright hues. Sapphire and amethyst are two of the jewel tones that seem to be in demand.

Embossed Cabinets

This is a very modern look with a pattern imprinted directly on the cabinets. This style gives your cabinets a texture and a personality and can be combined with other patterns found throughout your kitchen. You could compliment the patterning in your cabinets with the backsplash to give it a seamless flow. Whether it’s a simple geometric shape or a more abstract pattern, these cabinets look best in darker colors where the pattern will pop in certain lights.


This sliding door style has become even more popular with a rise in the modern farmhouse look found throughout Arcadia and Paradise Valley. They are both stylish and functional while giving your cabinets a unique and fun look. You can have the open shelf look while still maintaining the look of a cabinet door.

These can be used in farmhouse look kitchens, or in more modern style kitchens. The material is what will make a difference when it comes to the actual aesthetic. These are also very convenient if you have a couple people in the kitchen at the same time, as you won’t be needing to open all the cabinets around each other.


This style mixes different colors and textures when it comes to your cabinets. You can blend wood with white-colored cabinets right next to each other. It gives your kitchen a little more depth and personality. For these, you can leave some of your existing cabinets and simply swap out a few. This is definitely a cost-effective method that’s still trendy and stylish at the same time. If you have smaller storage space, this can also help to create a larger look and not so closed in with one solid color.

Modern and Traditional Mix

You also have the option of mixing both a modern and traditional style aesthetic when it comes to picking your cabinets. These make for interesting spaces and a blend of glossy and heavier elements. If you have conflicting viewpoints on what cabinets to choose between, find a way to integrate both in a stylish way.

Black Cabinets

If you have a lot of white elements in your kitchen, choosing black cabinets can really balance it out for a sophisticated look. It gives your cabinets more of that statement piece feel and a two-tone color palette.

Having a small kitchen with limited storage space doesn’t need to keep you from maximizing that space and giving your kitchen a remodel with the latest trends in cabinet design. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your current setup, or you’re looking to make minor additions and changes to your kitchen, it’s important to bring in the experts.

A team like Pankow Construction can help you make all of the right decisions for your home when it comes to swapping out your cabinets and doing a full kitchen remodel. If you’re in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, or Arcadia, be sure to call Pankow Construction for all of your home renovation needs.

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