Custom Vanity

The vanity is the command center of the bathroom, and it’s not uncommon for two people to be behind the helm. A large vanity that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is critical for any bathroom remodel.

We understand your vanity needs to make a statement while still handling the day to day operations. We’ve designed and remodeled  countless bathroom vanities, no two ever the same and no request ever out of reach!


Showers & Tubs

The shower and tub serve as a backdrop to your bathroom. When they’re not in use, they become sculptural pieces that set the tone. It’s important that the tile and design are tasteful and inviting.

Our 3D design process allows us to build the perfect shower for your bathroom remodel, tailor fit just for you. This includes dual valve systems for two people, custom benches, niches, decorative mosaic tile and much more!


Bathroom Additions

Bathrooms have become increasingly popular and important over the last few decades. However, some homes may have been built in a different era and it may be time for a bathroom addition.

Our design-build process is tailor fit for bathroom remodeling and additions. We design bathroom additions in 3D to match your home’s existing architecture. After it’s built, it will look like the bathroom has been part of your home since day one!

Increase Storage

Storage in the bathroom a can be a real struggle. Bathrooms aren’t always the biggest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean their uses are small. It’s important to gain appropriate storage from your bathroom remodel to ensure morning routines don’t become evening eyesores.

We strive to create remodel beautiful bathroom without sacrificing function. Just like a boat, sometimes you got to be creative where you add storage. Our design process looks at all angles of your bathroom remodel to find any nook and cranny available.

Our Process

This is the time we get to know you and see if we’re the right outfit. The initial consultation takes place at your home where we like to listen to your vision. We’re happy to provide insight as well if you’re having trouble envisioning the project. This may also be the best time to discuss 3D Design options, which we find generally benefit any remodel.

This is the fun part! This is where dreams start to unfold into something tangible. After the initial consultation and a brief measurement of your home, we will schedule a time to have all decision makers in our office to look critically at the design in 3D. We can also make changes while your here to avoid any hiccups along the way. In addition to the design, a line-item proposal will be put together to accompany your design.

After a design and proposal is approved, documents will be created with specifics such as – selections,  floor dimensions, plumbing/electrical schematics, etc. All construction documents will be sent to you for final approval before construction begins. This process allows us to line up all of our ducks and keep any surprises from popping up during construction.

Now is the time to really get to work! If you plan on living in your home during the remodeling process, our first priority is building a temporary wall to create a construction zone and give you peace of mind. It’s not unlikely to have multiple crews in and out, so it’s very important to us to keep a clean and safe work environment for everyone. To ensure maximum quality, one of our superintendents will be at your job site to coordinate all sub contractors and keep lines of communication open.

Our reputation is everything to us and we believe in happy clients. We’re realistic and we know things may come up after construction. That’s why we do our best to take your warranty claims seriously and send someone out as soon as possible to fix or repair anything that may have been overlooked.

We want to hear from you! (And not just the good stuff.) After construction, a third party company called Guild Quality will reach out to you for a brief questionnaire where you can tell us in your own words our strong points, and where we may need improvement. This allows us to grow as a company and better serve future clients – which will hopefully be yourself or a close friend.

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