Remodeling Doesn’t Need to be Hard

If you tell people you’re thinking about remodeling, they make look at you like you’ve gone mad. That’s because they either know first hand, or have heard from friends and family that remodeling can be one of the most strenuous things you can go through in life. Just search online for remodeling horror stories and you can see for yourself countless remodeling nightmares.

These can be caused for any number of reasons – but we think the devil in these nightmares are in the details. With so much that goes on in remodeling, it’s all too easy to misplace an order, demo the wrong part of a home, or build something that doesn’t quite line up with what you had envisioned.

Bring the fun back to remodeling

3D Design shines a light into the ominous dark cloud that is remodeling. It allows contractor and homeowner to line up all ducks during the pre-construction phase to minimize costly surprises. We’re able to use our 3D model of your home to organize critical selections such as flooring, tile, paint, hardware, appliances and much more, which keeps our scheduling and budgets synchronized and easy to access. This truly is a What You See Is What You Get Approach to home remodeling.


3D Design


3D Design

 “…with 3D design, they showed us different options for the roof line of our office addition. We were able to compare and contrast two different perspectives, really evaluate from various locations on our property, and then choose our favorite.”

– John in Scottsdale

We looked around and considered several other companies, but Pankow was the clear choice for customer service and communication. They were very responsive, and really took their time to go over our options with 3D design. We definitely recommend Pankow Construction and their 3D design services.”

– Robert in Phoenix

“We had fun moving all of the furniture and virtual people around in our 3D room. It really did help us. We were able to see exactly what the room would be like. We didn’t have to visualize it, we could look at it in a 3D perspective, and we could move around the room in 3D and see what it would be like from different angles. It was very helpful.”

– Tommy in Phoenix

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