Types of Stucco Finishes

Re-Stucco Phoenix

Stucco is a common finish in Phoenix, but some homeowners may only be familiar with a few of the finishes it comes in. Stucco is often used on Tract homes to cover up imperfections, but if done correctly, can still add an aesthetic quality to your exterior. A big drawback for stucco is its nature to easily crack over time, and especially faster if not done correctly. If your home’s exterior is beginning to show signs of cracking, it may be time for a re-stucco and some new paint. Here are six finishes to consider if you planning on doing a re-stucco in Phoenix.
Spanish Lace Finish Stucco – This pattern is typically used on new build tract homes in Phoenix. Most home builders around the Valley perfer this finish because it is effective and low cost. However, it is typically not used on higher end remodels.
1. Can be used applied by hand or sprayed on and flattened
2. Spanish lace stucco finish hides imperfections
3. Base coated and can be done in about 2 coats
Heavy Sand Finish Stucco – Typically used in custom home finishes, the sand finish uses a foam float to give it a unique grainy look. Like spanish lace, it hides imperfections rather well.
1. Is a versatile and sand finish stucco can be done using traditional or synthetic stucco
2. Very easy to apply and use just one coat
3. Is usually troweled on, but can be sprayed on and then troweled down tight
4. Relatively easy to patch if color matches up and edges are feathered in nicely

Fine Sand Finish Stucco – This is done the same way as a heavy sand finish, but the grain size is smaller. Because of this, it does not hide imperfections as well. This is a common finish on high end remodels in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale.

Dash Finish Stucco – This finish uses a machine to spray an even texture across a surface. Because it of its consistency, it loses some of the hand crafted look the other finishes have. This is typically used on commercial, and some modern homes around the Valley.
Santa Barbara Smooth Finish Variable Stucco – This finish is classic and elegant. It can also come in a variety of colors with little relief texture. Although it cracks easier than the other finishes, it is generally the most desirable stucco finish.
1. Santa Barbara stucco adds aesthetic value and naturally mottled color to any building.
2. Standard colors or custom matches available upon request.
3. No need for painting
4. Santa Barbara finish is easy to low maintenance
5. Weather-resistant, and won’t deteriorate with age
6. Mixes easily with potable water.
7. May be trowel or spray applied.

Smooth Santa Barbara Finish – Similar to the Santa Barbara Smooth Finish Variable, however a smooth finish contains no relief texture at all. It is also prone to cracking, but still a very popular finish.

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