Kitchen renovation: save space for small kitchens

Kitchen renovation: save space for small kitchens

For many people today the kitchen is the center of the home. Not only is it a place to prepare meals, but it’s an area to relax, to talk with friends and family, a meeting room and a social gathering spot. Undersized kitchens can be a real downside for most people today, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to optimize your space, especially if you’re working with a limited kitchen size, to begin with. When homeowners realize they have a small kitchen that isn’t meeting their needs, that’s when they turn to experts in kitchen renovation in Phoenix to help them out.

Creating the illusion of more space in a small kitchen
There are a bunch of simple ways that a homeowner can make their kitchen look larger, and most of these techniques are purely design related, making them cost-effective. A good cabinet remodels in Scottsdale can really open up your kitchen and give it a cleaner and more spacious look. Consider open storage shelving or glass front cabinets to create the illusion of more space. Painting cabinets the same color as the surrounding walls, and laying them out in a very clean line can help create a more spacious look too. Finally, a good kitchen renovation in Phoenix will make use of recessed storage solutions whenever possible. Putting shelves back into the walls themselves takes advantage of space that wasn’t always there, making your kitchen just a bit larger overall. The overall layout of a kitchen affects how small or large is appears as well. Professionals specializing in kitchen remodel in Arcadia can adjust the layout of your space to make it seem larger overall. Streamlining a kitchen layout, by putting it into nice straight lines, will make the area look larger effectively.

What are the steps of a kitchen remodel?
There’s a lot more than you might think into a standard kitchen remodel in Arcadia. That’s why it takes a month or two to go through the process, and why companies charge so much for the work that they do. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Paradise Valley, we pay close attention to detail when completing work, and we follow all of the below steps when going through a remodel. Read on to learn how a kitchen renovation in Phoenix is completed from beginning to end.

Planning and permitting
The very first step of any kitchen remodel in Arcadia is planning and permitting. Homeowners should sit down with design professionals to try and come up with the best design combinations for their kitchens. After going back and forth on ideas for a while, the homeowner will know what they want, and our company can move on to planning and permitting the build. For Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, a great deal of time is taken to ensure that the kitchen plan is laid out perfectly. After all, the planning is complete, and the permits are in hand, it’s time to begin work on the kitchen remodel itself.

Demolition is the next step in the process for a kitchen renovation in Phoenix. All the items to be replaced are torn out and thrown away or refurbished elsewhere. This phase usually only takes a few days to complete by our team at working on Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, but the timeline changes depending on the number of items to be removed and the material that they are made out of.

Inspection and repair
After the demolition portion of the cabinets remodels in Scottsdale an inspection must be completed. Our experts look over all the surfaces underneath the kitchen products to determine if they are holding up well. The supports under the flooring are checked for water damage, countertops, sinks and every other section of the kitchen is checked closely to ensure no problems are found. When our team conducting the Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling comes across a problem, they explain the issue to the homeowners and correct it before going on with the installation. A kitchen renovation in Phoenix isn’t always a simple process, but we work hard to make sure the work we do holds up for years after it’s complete.

After any issues in the kitchen are sorted out, it’s time to begin the installation phase of the project. All the materials for the kitchen remodel in Arcadia are assembled in one location. Professional installers check to see that everything is there, then they begin installing the flooring, the cabinets, the counters, the fixtures, appliances and anything else that’s involved with the installation. It takes time to go through all these different steps, but once complete your kitchen is almost ready to make use of. Installation is the second-to-last phase of any kitchen renovation in Phoenix.

Now that our team conducting the Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling is through with the installation itself, they can go ahead to the finishing process. They will add trim, take care of marks and scuffs on flooring, do some fine painting and just touch up the space to get it as perfect as possible. This step takes time but really helps give the space a professional look. It’s one of the most difficult steps of a cabinet remodel in Scottsdale and it separates the experts from the novices as well.

Once finishing is complete, your kitchen is done and you can go ahead and enjoy it. Going through all these steps is necessary to help you get the kitchen that you always wanted. We don’t rush through the finishing process for Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, which is why the end results will look professional and carefully laid out.

How long does a remodel take from start to finish?
Remodeling a kitchen isn’t a rapid process that’s going to be finished in a few days, and most homeowners already realize this, but that doesn’t make it any easier waiting for the completion of the kitchen renovation in Phoenix. That’s why it’s helpful to have at least a general timeline to work with when you are heading into a project that’s a complete kitchen renovation in Phoenix.

It’s impossible to give an exact timeline even with all the details of a project, and even more difficult with literally no details to go on, but as a general rule of thumb, most homeowners can expect a kitchen to be completed in between a few weeks to a few months. This is just for the building and installation phase of the kitchen remodel in Arcadia though. That doesn’t include any of the planning work that must be done before the work can even begin.

The time it takes to get from the beginning to the end of a kitchen remodel in Arcadia depends on all that needs to be done, as well as the size of the kitchen in question. Obviously, an oversized kitchen is going to take much longer than a small kitchenette in a studio apartment. The above estimate is focused on an average sized kitchen with a moderate amount of work to be done. This includes tasks like refacing or replacing cabinets, installing new flooring, countertops, appliances, and fixtures throughout the kitchen.

Another very real consideration that affects the total build time for a kitchen renovation in Phoenix is how long materials, appliances, and fixtures take to obtain. Custom products or specialty items may take months to produce and obtain, and all that time would delay the rest of the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to make considerations like product availability before beginning the installation phase of a kitchen remodel project.

When having your kitchen redone, try and be as patient as possible, rushing the process won’t make you feel any better about it. When working with reliable installers, like our team working on Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, you’ll have people working on the project diligently from start to finish, but we won’t rush through the steps just to get the work done as fast as possible. It takes time to complete a quality kitchen remodel in Arcadia, and that’s important for best results.

When planning still has to be done before the kitchen remodels in Arcadia can even begin, it’s a good idea to add a few weeks to the overall length of the project, especially when going with a custom design that has to be laid out and carefully verified and maybe even engineered. No two kitchen projects are the same, and neither are the time periods it takes to get from start to finish. Only talking with us, who specialize in Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, can give you a real idea of the timeline you’re working with. Get on the phone with professionals to learn exactly what sort of wait you are in for.

How much do new cabinets cost?
It’s impossible to say exactly how much brand-new cabinets cost to purchase and have installed in your home professionally because there are too many different variables to consider in any one cabinets remodel in Scottsdale project. The actual material that’s used to build the cabinets adjusts the price of the units considerably. For example, melamine or plywood veneered cabinets are much more affordable than solid wood cabinets are to purchase when going through a cabinets remodel in Scottsdale. The cabinet purchase price is not the only cost of your kitchen remodel in Arcadia that must be considered though. Cabinets must be installed, and professional installation can cost as much as 75% of the cabinet cost itself depending on the products you decide to go with. A kitchen renovation in Phoenix with new cabinets can vary from hundreds to thousands depending on the materials you decide to go with. That’s why it’s so important to talk with experts like us in Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling as soon as possible. Talking with pros will give you an idea of how much money you’ll be spending on cabinets remodel in Scottsdale.

A single cabinet can cost as little as $500 or $600 installed, or upwards of $1000 depending on all the variables listed up above. The costs quickly pile up when you consider that full cabinets remodel in Scottsdale often includes more than a dozen different units. After dealing with professionals for your cabinet remodel in Scottsdale, you should have a better idea of the budget that you’re working with. Get your budget squared away for the cabinets remodel in Scottsdale, and then work with a contractor to help you figure out how to make the best of the money available to get as much as possible out of the deal. For Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling, we at Pankow Construction specialize in cabinets remodel in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, can complete a range of cabinet remodeling tasks and offer a range of products as well. As is to be expected, those products come with all sorts of different price tags from high-end luxury to affordable function.

Working with trained professionals
There’s no reason that you need to think of all the renovation ideas yourself when trying to transform a small kitchen. A kitchen remodel in Arcadia isn’t simple in many instances, and that’s why it’s important to work with professionals like Pankow Construction who specialize in Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling. With professional help, your kitchen renovation in Phoenix will be easier to plan and you can figure out more ways to enhance your space. You’ll have accurate guidance and plenty of ideas on how to maximize what you have to work with as well. This should simplify your kitchen remodel in Arcadia considerably.

If you’re sick and tired of a cramped kitchen, consider a kitchen renovation in Phoenix. With a company that specializes in cabinets remodel in Scottsdale and surrounding locations or a business that knows how to handle a kitchen remodel in Arcadia, you’ll have all the help that you need to get through a tough project with the results that you’re looking for. Talk with us about Paradise Valley kitchen remodeling for additional help if you have any questions, and you’ll enjoy professional guidance from start to finish.

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