Kitchen Remodel Checklist: (Never Miss A Thing) During Your Renovation

Kitchen Remodel Checklist: (Never Miss A Thing) During Your Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most detail demanding renovations that you can make in your home. From the layout to the design of the appliance, cabinet, and hardware choices, there are so many factors that go into a well-done and finished kitchen remodel. It’s important to have everything picked out before work even begins, so how do you make sure you’re not missing anything? If you live in Phoenix, Pankow Construction can help you to check everything off your list so that nothing goes missed and the project runs as smoothly as possible.

We’ve put together a kitchen remodel checklist so that you never miss a thing when it comes to making all of the important decisions and putting together a game plan.

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The top 4 items to address

When you’re planning the project as a whole and you’re picking out the different materials and items you will use. It’s easiest to break it up into 4 categories:

  • Why you’re remodeling
  • What your budget looks like
  • What’s your kitchen like now
  • What do you want your kitchen to look like

Why you’re remodeling

This is the best place to start when you begin checking things off the list for the renovation. What’s your reason for remodeling the kitchen in the first place? Is it too small, is it outdated, is the layout inefficient? Maybe you’re remodeling so you can get appraised for a higher amount because you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Whatever conclusion you come to, this will help direct the rest of the decisions you’re going to make. If you’re remodeling and planning to live in the home, you’re going to want to pay more attention to the items that are super important to you and pick with great care and detail. If you’re just remodeling to sell the home, the details won’t matter as much and you can focus on the major ticket items that are going to matter to the potential buyers.

Either way, you’ll get the same benefit of a new kitchen and added value to your home.

Work on your budget

Once you’ve decided the main reason for remodeling and you’ve listed out what the most important items to you are, it’s time to plan your budget to be sure you don’t end up spending a lot more money than you originally planned. It’s important to add a buffer in case any unexpected issues and costs rise, which usually do occur. Most homeowners are usually taken by surprise when it comes to these, however, if you adequately prepare, you will likely have a better experience and you won’t be forking out money you didn’t plan on.

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The items that are going to add value to your home are cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and appliances. Sometimes the fixtures will add value as well. Go with items that you can comfortably afford and that won’t put you in a whole or make you anxious that you spent that amount.

Plan to spend around 35-40% on the cabinets, 20% on appliances, and also 20% on the labor for contractors, plumbing, electric, and other experts you bring in on the job. The rest of the budget will go toward other items you’re including in the renovation and also your buffer.

If you’re planning on purchasing new furniture, linens, or other items for the kitchen after the renovation is complete, be sure to factor these into your overall budget ahead of time, so you know what you’re working with.

An experienced home and kitchen remodeling company can help you to remember everything that needs to be factored into your budget to complete the project.

What’s your current kitchen look like

What are you working with right now when it comes to your kitchen. What size is it, what’s the layout like, what frustrates you, where is the sink, etc. If there are things you notice about your kitchen on the day to day that you would love to change, now is the time to fix these. Does your kitchen have a good flow and functionality? If not, you may consider moving appliances, making structural changes, and adding square footage. Is your kitchen open, light, and bright, or is it closed off? If it’s closed off, consider opening it up. Address all of your current concerns with your kitchen and go from there.

What do you want your kitchen to look like?

Everyone that’s planning a remodels likely has a dream kitchen and result that they’re going for. Take all of your inspiration and decide how you can achieve that while considering the items you came up with in the step right before this one. Go for the aesthetic you want, but also consider the functionality and flow that you’re planning on bringing into the room.

Kitchen Remodel Checklist
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Figure out where you can splurge

If you’re adding cabinets or replacing old cabinets in your kitchen, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive cabinets out there. You can find great, affordable options and then splurge on sprucing them up whether that’s resurfacing, adding beautiful hardware, or anything else you’d like to change. The main goal of the cabinets is storage space, which you can achieve with pretty much any cabinet addition you make, no matter what brand or type of cabinet it is. You do, however, want to pick an option that will last and that’s not totally cheap. Find a happy medium and then spend the money on making them look even better!

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You definitely will want to somewhat splurge on the fixtures like your new faucet simply because you want them to hold up for a long time. Do your research on the best quality options before looking at the price on these to make the best decision for your home. You don’t want to pick the cheapest option, and the most expensive option may not be the best choice when it comes to the actual quality and life of the product.

The countertops are based on the aesthetic you’re going for, and also what value you’re looking to add to your home. Granite countertops tend to be the most popular and best choice if you’re putting money into a remodel. There are affordable granite options that look just like the higher grade options and they still definitely raise the value of your home. Quality countertops significantly improve the overall look of your kitchen, so it’s acceptable to spend a higher amount when you’re renovating.

Adding natural light to your kitchen and making it feel more open is definitely recommended, especially if you’re going for a higher resale value. A light and bright kitchen is something that most potential buyers will be looking for. This may involve structural changes to your kitchen that tend to cost a good amount of money, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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Figure out where you can save

Working with a contractor may be a great thing as far as discounts on certain products go. You can also search for bulk purchase opportunities that will help you save. Searching online for the different products you need can actually save you a lot more money than if you were to buy everything in the store. Do your research as best you can before making any final decisions on your kitchen remodel items.

You can also shop for second-hand items at certain places. You’ll want to cross-check the pricing to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. You may also be able to buy floor model pieces at a significant discount as well.

Do your research when it comes to the experts you’re bringing in on the project to be sure you’re paying the best price for the work. You can also take on some pieces of the project yourself and save money. Work with your contractor to see where you can save in these areas.

Don’t always go with the trends because chances are, those costs are at an all-time high for products that aren’t even that great. In those instances, you’ll want to go with quality items that will last for a long time. Trends come and go, but once you remodel your kitchen, that’s there to stay, unless you end up doing another remodel which is unlikely.

Consider eco-friendly products that will save you money in the long run. The last and most important tip here is to not spend more than 10% of what your home is worth in order to protect your investment and get a better return.

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Here’s a checklist of all items

Initial Items

  • Take note of the current square footage in your kitchen
  • What’s the projected square footage you’re wanting
  • What’s your total budget that’s available for the project
  • How are you planning to pay for the remodel
  • What does the timeline look like
  • Where will you live while it’s occurring? In the home or outside of the home?

Structure & Functionality

  • Are you adding or removing walls?
  • Are you moving any of the appliances?
  • Are you satisfied with the layout currently?
  • Does the storage space need to be increased?
  • Do you have enough countertop space currently?
  • Do you have room to move around?
  • What do you want to change as far as functionality?


  • What style of look do you want?
  • What paint colors will you use?
  • How many windows are you replacing? Screens? Window coverings?
  • What are the window dimensions?
  • How many doors need replacing?
  • How many electrical panels need to be added?
  • What will the backsplash look like? What is the square footage of that space?
  • What style of sink do you want?
  • What are the sink dimensions?
  • What type of faucet do you want?
  • Will there be a hood over the stove?

Countertop Choices

  • What material will you use?
  • What color will they be?
  • What will the edges look like?

Cabinet Choices

  • What material will you use?
  • What will the knobs look like?
  • What color and type of finish?
  • How many cabinets do you need?
  • What are the dimensions of all of the cabinets?

Appliance Choices

  • What style will the appliances be?
  • Dimensions of the stove?
  • Dimensions of the Refrigerator?
  • Dimensions of the Oven?
  • Dimensions of the Microwave and where is it located?
  • Dimensions of the hood over the stove?

First steps of the project

  • Hire a contractor like Pankow Construction
  • Secure the proper permits
  • Get plans made for the kitchen
  • Set a budget with your contractor
  • Secure money for the project
  • Decide what will happen if the project goes over budget
  • Create a timeline and set a deadline
  • Check references on all hired experts

If you follow all of the above steps and considerations when you’re planning your kitchen remodel, you’ll be sure not to miss a single thing and you’ll have a much smoother experience with a great renovation that will last for a long time to come. Being prepared is the most important step when it comes to any home renovation undertaking. The last thing you want when you’re going through the experienced is to be surprised by something whether that’s the cost, something you forgot, or the design.

Pankow Construction is a leading expert when it comes to kitchen remodels and overall home renovations in the Phoenix area. If you’re in need of an upgrade in your home, be sure to contact Pankow Construction and connect with the friendly staff to set up your consultation and get your project on the move. Our team is ready to assist you with all of your home remodeling needs.

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