Home Remodeling: [15 Essential] Do’s and Don’ts

Home Remodeling: [15 Essential] Do’s and Don’ts

Home remodeling isn’t as easy as it seems on the surface, but with the right approach, most homeowners will be able to accomplish their goals and create the space they are looking for. It’s important to work with the right remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, but hiring good professionals isn’t all it takes to get what you want out of a remodel. We’ve listed the most important do’s and don’ts for home remodeling in Paradise Valley.

Read through them and try to incorporate as many of them as you can into your everyday projects to get the best possible results. It will take some time to really grab onto these new ideas completely, but once you do, you’ll be more likely to get everything that you’re looking for from a remodeling project in particular.

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The Do’s

These are all the steps that you should be taking before, during and after any of your renovation projects. Sure, you probably won’t take all these steps every time that you work on a project, but it’s important for you to take as many of them as possible for the best results in the end.

Do File Away Renovation Ideas

One of the most important steps that every homeowner should be going through is the planning phase of any project. Before you can put together a detailed plan of what you want your Paradise Valley Remodeling experts to do for you, you need to know what you want out of a project. That means collecting photos of projects that you like, building up a bank of preferences and deciding on the exact results that you want from a remodeling project. The more detail you can offer to your experts in Home Remodeling in Paradise Valley, the more likely you are to end up with an end result that you truly love.

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Do Plan the Entire Project First

While it can be difficult to do this on your own, it’s important to plan out all the steps for your project in home remodeling in Paradise Valley before you start the work or you hire experts to do so. Decide on all the different materials to be used, as well as the look and function of the whole space. If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, try and determine all the details of the project before any work begins on the space. This will give you an idea of what sort of budget you need, and it will also help make sure that the ones doing the Paradise Valley remodeling understand the job that they are taking on.

Do Take Accurate Measurements of Material Costs

A major mistake that some novice DIYers make is taking inaccurate measurements or not taking measurements at all before buying materials for a project. Always measure the space as accurately as possible before getting started on any particular project. This is the only way to buy an appropriate amount of materials for the job. Don’t rush this process by any means, or you’ll end up with a surplus of materials or not enough to finish the job. If taking accurate measurements is difficult it might be better to hire remodeling contractors in Scottsdale to handle your renovations instead.

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Do Start with the Floors

When taking on full room Paradise Valley remodeling projects, always start by renovating the floors. Everything else will be built on top of the flooring, and it’s best if the floor is laid first. If flooring is replaced later on, it won’t be installed as fully throughout the space, making it difficult to change up the layout in the future if you want. Take a bathroom for instance, if the flooring is installed in sinks, toilets and bath fixtures, changing any of those items would result in open patches without flooring in many instances.

Do Plan for Waste When Purchasing Materials

There’s always going to be waste when home remodeling in Paradise Valley. It’s best to plan for that waste as soon as possible into the building project. By planning for waste in all the materials, it’s possible to buy enough to get the project done, instead of having to go to the store partway through the job. For most Paradise Valley remodeling tasks, it’s best to assume there will be between 10% and 20% material waste in the end.

Do Learn to Use all Tools Well Before the Project

If you’re taking on home remodeling in Paradise Valley, always make sure to understand how to use all the tools properly before starting the actual project. Without a good understanding of how a tool works, it’s possible to injure yourself or to mess up the project in one way or another. Before beginning a project with an unfamiliar tool, take the time to learn how to use it with a practice project. For instance, before trying to cut the boards for a deck using a circular saw, spend some time cutting wood for a smaller project instead. Build a dog house, construct a shelf for the house and just learn to use the tool carefully. If you aren’t comfortable with the tools involved in a particular project, hire remodeling contractors in Scottsdale to do the work instead.

Do Use a Quality Subfloor

Whether you’re having tile put in, laying down hardwoods, installing laminate flooring or vinyl, always put down high-quality subflooring before getting started. Install the appropriate sheet flooring, vapor barriers and plastic sheeting products to protect your flooring and give it a quality look and feel. Ignoring important subfloor requirements, or going with low-quality subflooring products can take away from your final product and leave you wishing that you spent a bit more on the project. The subfloor isn’t that expensive, whether you’re using the good stuff or a low-quality option, so spend a bit more and get a product that’s going to make the biggest difference to your final product.

Do Get All Building Permits

Something that all remodeling contractors in Scottsdale know is that building permits are very important to most projects. Getting the necessary permits before taking on a project is important to make sure that the work is done safely, and to ensure that the house can be resold without complications in the future. Pay for the necessary permits and have an inspector look over and sign off on the final project. If you hire experts to tackle home remodeling in Paradise Valley, this is something that they should be handling for you from the beginning, otherwise, it is up to you.

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The Don’ts

There are lots of things that you should be doing when renovating your home, or hiring someone else to do it, but there are just as many things that you shouldn’t be doing. Read on to learn about all the don’ts that come along with Paradise Valley remodeling.

Don’t Underestimate Your Budget

One of the worst things that you can do when getting started on a new project is to underestimate your budget. Doing this can leave you without the money that you need to finish your project, and leave you with a project that’s only part way finished. Instead, overestimate your project budget so that you have some additional money left over in the end. To do this work with professionals to help you determine exactly all the material and labor costs. If you don’t want to work with remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, take very accurate measurements yourself and use them to estimate your costs and then add an additional 20% to the overall cost of your project. This gives you a safety net to work with and will help make sure that your project for home remodeling in Paradise Valley is actually completed.

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Don’t Become Disorganized

No matter how large your Paradise Valley remodeling project becomes, it’s essential to stay organized the entire time. Keep a file of important information, or file it all electronically so that you have all the information that you need along the way. Keep all your paperwork organized, store your tools away where they go after each project and take care to keep everything in order the entire time. Keeping your project orderly will make it more enjoyable, and will help make your project more streamlined as well. By remaining organized you’ll be more likely to spend less home remodeling in Paradise Valley.

Don’t Paint First

It’s a best practice to paint the walls and ceiling of your space after all the other work is complete. That’s because paint can easily become scratched and scuffed and you don’t want to have to go back over a space and repaint it when you’re finished. Instead, wait until everything else is finished and then get to work painting. This is always a good rule to follow, even if you’re hiring remodeling contractors in Scottsdale to do the work. Wait until the end and then go through and paint things up, otherwise you’ll be painting twice.

Don’t Change Structural Framing without a Professional

It can be tempting to knock out walls and make major changes in your home without consulting professionals because you just want to hurry up and get through your projects, but that’s not the right way to go. Instead, always consult with professionals before moving any structural walls. Remodeling contractors in Scottsdale will rely on engineers for major wall adjustments in some instances. You should always work with professionals when making these sorts of changes in your home, or you risk doing major damage to the structure.

Don’t Quit Halfway Through

No matter how tired you grow of a project, always finish it once you start it. As long as you budget appropriately, you should be able to get all the way through your Paradise Valley remodeling after you get going. It’s a bad feeling looking back on a project that isn’t fully finished, and that’s the last thing that you want to be doing. Take the time that you need to finish things up, or hire the work out to remodeling contractors in Scottsdale so that you don’t have to worry about doing the work yourself.

Don’t Hire Amateurs

It’s tempting to hire a team of amateurs to tackle Paradise Valley remodeling projects for you because they are cheap, but don’t do it. You want experts handling home remodeling in Paradise Valley. Paying amateurs to do the work for you will almost always result in problems that you need to fix yourself. Do yourself a favor and spend the appropriate money in the beginning. It’s worth the cost and you’ll be glad that you did it.

Don’t Buy the Cheapest Materials

Another way that homeowners skimp on their remodeling projects is the materials that they purchase. Don’t invest in the lowest cost materials for most projects because you’ll end up with lower quality results than you might like. Take laminate flooring for instance. Investing in cheap laminate flooring will leave you with a cheap feeling floor that flexes and has a clicky clack sound to it once installed. Cheap hardwood flooring is soft and will scuff and scratch easily. Talk with professionals and invest in high-quality materials that you can count on to last for years.

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Paradise Valley remodeling projects can be difficult to tackle on your own, and it’s important to keep all of these do’s and don’ts in mind when you take on a new project. If you aren’t sure how to handle a project on your own, or you just want to make sure that you get high-quality results, consider investing in remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. By hiring top quality professionals to work on your home you’ll end up with results that you can rely on and that you’ll be happy to show off as well. Don’t skimp on your professional help, and definitely, don’t try to tackle a project that you’re just not equipped to handle. There’s no shame in hiring good professionals to help you get the look that you’re going for, and you’ll be happy that you did in the end when you have a beautiful home to look at every single day.

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