[6 Renovations] That Will Increase Your Home Value

[6 Renovations] That Will Increase Your Home Value

Selling a house is scary and there’s always the worry that you won’t be able to get enough money for the house for it to be worth selling. This is especially true if you’ve put a significant amount of money and labor into the house to remodel it and to enhance its final appearance. That’s why it’s so important to consider what projects will enhance your home’s value the most, and which projects should be avoided when you go to hire out home renovations in Arcadia.

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Below we’ve outlined seven of the most beneficial remodeling projects that you can make to your home when you want to increase your resale value. Each of these projects is something that’s well-known for increasing home values, but some will be more effective than others depending on the market that you reside in. That’s why it’s so important to work with local professionals to help you figure out what you should be changing on your own home.

Look through the list to get ideas for how to remodel your home, and then talk with professionals about how you should proceed and what changes you should make to your space. If you go through a careful planning phase, and you work with high-quality experts, you should end up with a home that’s worth as much as possible when you are finished without spending a small fortune to achieve the results.

1. A Basic Kitchen Remodel

Just like room additions in Scottsdale, total kitchen renovations are really exciting and something that many homeowners want to do. Unfortunately, most of the time a completely revamped kitchen costs more than the subsequent increase in value that you’ll enjoy when selling your home off later on. That’s why, when talking to room addition contractors in Phoenix about how to enhance the value of your home, they will recommend less dramatic changes to your kitchen instead. It’s a great idea to update the space and make enhancements to it, but it’s best when you can do so without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars. If you spend too much cash on a remodel you’ll never see the money again.

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When approaching your kitchen when looking for home renovations in Arcadia, think about changing out the oven, updating the countertops, refinishing cabinets and laying down an enhanced floor over top of something cheaper. You could also make some lighting changes and swap out old lights for something more modern like recessed lighting. Also, consider adding a simple backsplash or changing window trim or treatments to enhance your space without adding too much cost to the project. These simple modifications will help update your space without costing you a fortune and could help increase the value of your home even more than the cost of the renovations to you.

2. Replacing the Entry Door

The door to a home really sets the tone for the rest of the house. If you have a low-quality door out front of your house people are going to think less of the space even if the rest of it looks really nice. While you probably won’t need room addition contractors in Phoenix to help you complete an exterior door replacement, unless you are going with a larger door, you could still use their help to find a top quality door that’s going to look nice in the space.

Replacing an exterior door can enhance the security of your home, improve its curb appeal and also reduce your utility bills in the process. It’s a worthwhile investment to make for your space and is something that most homeowners should think about doing if they are going to sell off their house soon. If you have a home that you want to make look nicer, skip more serious projects like completely remodeling an entire room, in favor for something simpler like swapping out the front door with a high-quality option. Room additions in Scottsdale are a good way to improve the quality of your home, but they don’t always pay off in the end when you look at a resale value like a new exterior door will.

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3. Adding a Deck On

While talking to room addition contractors in Phoenix about ways that you can enhance your home while raising its value as much as possible, you should probably talk about adding a deck onto your space if you don’t have one already. A high-quality deck added to the front or rear of your home creates a relaxing outdoor environment and adds on a room to your home without the cost of adding an actual room. If you are going to sell your home during the warmer months of the year, you’ll really enjoy a property value increase by adding a wooden deck onto your structure. Room addition contractors in Phoenix can help you complete the project and leave you with a home that’s more pleasant to be at.

A good sized deck creates beneficial outdoor space for grilling and hosting parties. Decks are relatively inexpensive and most home buyers are looking for one when they make a purchase. Without a deck in your home, you won’t get the same positive reaction from some interested buyers as you would with the deck. That’s why it’s a minor investment that is often worth the money and it’s something that you should consider doing for your space. Out of all the different home renovations in Arcadia that you could make, a simple deck is a good place to start and something that most homeowners could do with professional help easily.

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4. Converting Attic Space to a Bedroom

With the right professional help, you can take unused attic space and transform it into a fully functional bedroom. This enhancement creates useful space that you can rely on to host guests, complete office tasks, to relax away from the kids, or provide space for your growing family.

Room addition contractors in Phoenix should have experience transforming a standard attic into a bedroom and will be able to give you advice about how to accomplish the task effectively. Even though this investment is pretty significant compared to some of the other renovations that we’ve put on this list, it’s one of the changes that bring the most value to your space as well.

Most buyers are thrilled when they find out about an additional bedroom in a home and they will be willing to pay significantly more money for space. Without the additional bedroom, you might end up scaring off many potential customers and getting less interest in your home overall. There’s one consideration that you should make before going ahead with the project though, and that’s how many existing bedrooms you already have.

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If your home currently has five bedrooms, adding a sixth in the attic is unlikely to bring the same return as adding a third bedroom to a home with just two would. Three bedroom homes are worth significantly more than two bedroom homes. Six bedroom homes aren’t worth much more than five bedroom homes. If your house is in serious need of additional bedroom space, an attic bedroom is something that you should discuss when considering room additions in Scottsdale. If you already have plenty of bedrooms, maybe look at one of the other enhancements on this list instead and avoid spending money that you might not get back when you sell off your home.

5. A Sunroom Addition

For homes in warmer climates, another excellent improvement that you can make to your space that could pay off for you is the addition of a sunroom. A sunroom addition is a project that most experts in home renovations in Arcadia won’t have a problem completing. There are some considerations that you should make before going ahead with this type of renovation though, and you can talk about those considerations with room addition contractors in Phoenix before the work is underway. Sunrooms pay off best in high-end neighborhoods with more expensive homes.

They pay off least in low-end neighborhoods with cheap homes. They are also more valuable if they are added in a subtle way that doesn’t stand out. You need to discuss the final appearance of the addition with your room addition contractors in Phoenix to make sure that they understand this requirement. If the sunroom is tastefully added to your home you could see some serious home value increases when it comes time to sell, but if you live in a low-end neighborhood, in too cold of a climate, or the work isn’t done well, you’ll probably spend far more than you get back when you sell.

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6. A Major Kitchen Remodel

Finally, one of the major remodel projects that can actually add pretty good value to a home, and that’s in the kitchen. These are high value and have a significant impact on what the total value of the home ends up being. If you have a very low-quality kitchen, your best option is likely a complete remodel. This isn’t a cheap upgrade to make, but it can pay off with help from the right contractors. Talk with room addition contractors in Phoenix about what your options are.

Most home renovations in Arcadia are time-consuming, and these two projects take up a significant amount of time and money. If you want to really make your home stand out, make sure that you’re remodeling the kitchen completely, but be careful not to go too far either. Pay attention to the type of finishes that surrounding homes have, as well as the quality of appliances. Look at local homes for sale and gauge what you should be doing in your space based on what the other homeowners did in theirs. This will help you avoid spending too much and ensure that you are getting as much value from your enhancements as you possibly can.

These renovations can have a big impact on the overall value of your home, which is why it makes sense to consider them first before all the other options that you could go with. Sure, it might be nice to create a full-sized addition on your home, and we recommend you do just that if you want one bad enough, but you probably won’t get your full investment back when it comes time to sell off your property.

By working with room addition contractors in Phoenix and talking with the local realtors about what sort of finishes are in homes that sell for a good value, you can figure out exactly what you should change about your space and what you should leave alone. Be careful not to spend too much or to make changes that aren’t going to pay off for you, and you’ll be very happy when it comes time to finally sell your home off.

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