[20 Easy Ways] to Update Kitchen Cabinets

[20 Easy Ways] to Update Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things that people will notice when they step into your kitchen. That’s why it’s so important for them to make a good first impression. If you’re thinking of doing any kitchen remodel in Arcadia, it should probably include work to your cabinets if they don’t have the modern look that you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to tackle cabinets remodel in Phoenix because you believe that the work will be costly or that you can’t afford to change the appearance of your cabinets. While a full new set of cabinets is a major investment, there are ways for you to update existing kitchen cabinets that will make a huge difference in your home. Below are 20 simple ways to change the appearance of kitchen cabinets. Use these ideas in your own home renovations in Scottsdale to get the look and impression that you want most for your kitchen.

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Paint Them

It sounds too simple, but sometimes a little paint is all a set of cabinets need to look good once again. Retire that old wood-paneled look that your cabinets have and transform them into a bright and poppy paint color that goes well with the rest of your modern kitchen look. Feel free to use different colors between the upper and lower cabinets and even the island can be painted something else as long as the colors coordinate well. Paint is cheap, and something that most homeowners can apply themselves. Just make sure you sand down your cabinets if they’re rough, and apply an excellent primer so you get nice results.

Glass Door Inserts

Resurfacing cabinets is much more affordable than replacing cabinets entirely, and adding on glass door panel inserts rather than the stock doors can really modernize your kitchen. This is one of those home renovations in Scottsdale that comes with plenty of options, so look at the clear glass, etched glass and even colored or patterned glass before deciding what you like best. Once the glass doors are installed, you can enhance the look even more with in-cabinet lighting solutions. This is a simple way to improve your kitchen, and it will really brighten up space in a way that you never realized was possible.

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A Bit of Crown Molding

Plenty of people have nice looking kitchen cabinets that simply don’t offer anything special when you look at them. Instead of letting this get you down, a simple kitchen remodels in Arcadia to take the cabinets from standard to special is crown molding. Add in crown molding during your kitchen remodel in Arcadia to the upper cabinets to make them a bit taller and to help them stand out the way that you always wanted them to.

Off with the Doors!

It probably sounds crazy, but a popular trend for a kitchen remodel in Arcadia today is to remove all the doors from the cabinets. As long as you don’t mind maintaining neat and orderly dishes, doing away with the doors can give your kitchen a modern look that no other changes can accomplish. You don’t need to remove all the doors during your home renovations in Scottsdale. Instead, pick cabinets that house everyday use items like glasses or mugs, and open up those sections of your kitchen to create a more light and airy feel.

Add in Roll Out Shelving

New modern kitchens come with advanced features like roll-out shelves that make accessing items quicker and easier, but you shouldn’t miss out on these perks just because you have a more old-school kitchen. There are roll-out shelving solutions that you can install right into your existing cabinets to give you easy access and to make your home look more updated as well. This is a project that’s best done by professionals, but skilled DIY homeowners can also make this work with the right tools and patience to get the slides just right.

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Accent Lighting

Sometimes the problem with your kitchen cabinets isn’t the cabinets at all. When you’re going through things to change during cabinets remodel in Phoenix, think about the lighting of your space very carefully. Perhaps you’ve been relying on outdated lighting methods and that’s making your kitchen look old-fashioned. Look into different under cabinet lighting options for your kitchen, and you could breathe some life into those cabinets without making any actual changes to them at all. There are DIY lighting options, or you can bring in professionals for your kitchen remodel in Arcadia.

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Consider Spice Storage Doors

If you have solid cabinet doors, you can enhance their functionality while making them look more modern by adding spice storage to the backside of them. Look into custom spice storage solutions for the inside of cabinet doors, and you’ll have a place for all those little spices before you know it.

Stylish Adhesive Backing

There’s no reason the inside of your cabinets has to look old or drab today with all the quality adhesive backing products on the market. No matter the look you want to go for, you should be able to find an adhesive backing product for your cabinets remodels in Phoenix. Choose the backing that you like and install it on the back panel of your cabinets, or even the inside walls of your kitchen cabinets if you like.

Assemble a Sideboard for More Storage

A sturdy sideboard is a beautiful piece of furniture that will enhance your kitchen space while giving you the added storage space that you need as well. Take some time to put together a high-quality sideboard from stock cabinets that you get from the home improvement store and you’ll have a head-turning piece of furniture that gives you much-needed storage space as well. This is another project that you can put to contractors during cabinets remodel in Phoenix as well, so keep this in mind when you’re talking about what you want.

Modify with Chicken Wire

It probably sounds like a terrible idea at first to add chicken wire to your kitchen cabinets, but the actual finished product can look really nice when done properly. The trick is to get the quality chicken wire and then paint it to the color that your finished cabinet frames will be. Then you remove the old cabinet front and install the chicken wire instead. This creates more open cabinets and gives them a modern and somewhat exotic look as well. It’s a really nice improvement that can be made for cheap. Just make sure that you paint the wire unless you’re going for a steel color in your cabinets, in that case just throw it on and enjoy your new rustic space.

Modify with Chicken Wire

Quality Lid Storage

While this isn’t really a change to the cabinets at all, any good cabinets remodel in Phoenix should include lid storage solutions as well. There are simple storage products that hang over the doors of your kitchen cabinets that give you a place to set those lids. Add these to any areas that you store your pots and pans in, and you’ll always know where the lids belong.

Change up the Hardware

One of the first changes that you should make during kitchen home renovations in Scottsdale is the cabinet hardware. Take a look at all the different hardware options at the local hardware store, and you’re sure to find something that you really love. Adding the right hardware to your cabinets is all it takes to transform boring cabinets into something that you can really be proud of.

Throw in Additional Shelving

Most kitchens have plenty of dead space in between the upper and lower cabinets that aren’t being utilized well. You can use these areas for additional shelving that will help fill out your kitchen while giving you all the storage space that you need as well. It’s an excellent investment and something that you can do on your own easily. When you’re planning your cabinets remodel in Phoenix, think about some added shelving too.

Reface Them

If you don’t like anything about your cabinets, that doesn’t mean you need to spend $5,000, $10,000 or even $15,000 to replace them entirely. Instead, you can spend a small fraction of that amount to reface your existing cabinets and make the most of them once again. There are veneers for the insides and the other surfaces of your cabinets. New doors can also work wonders for the front appearance of your cabinets as well.

Install a Butcher Block Island

If you want a homey looking kitchen or a farm style kitchen, a simple accent you can add to your home renovations in Scottsdale is a butcher block island. This island isn’t the built-in product that is so common in most kitchens, but a piece of furniture that sits in the center almost like a table. It’s a tough little accessory that you can use to cut on, and it’s going to hold up for years while enhancing the look of your kitchen all the while.

20 Easy Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinets
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Include a Plate Rack

You don’t need a modern kitchen in order to have nice features like a plate rack included in your space, you can add these things yourself. Consider building a plate rack into your kitchen above one of the counters. It gives you a chance to show off your nice plates, while also giving them a space to sit that won’t take up your cabinet space. This is a simple improvement you can make along with other steps in a kitchen remodel in Arcadia.

Add a Paint Accent

A great tip to brighten up darker cabinets is to add in some lighter paint that accents them well and blends in well with the existing décor throughout your kitchen. Consider adding in a small bit of paint on the door fronts of your cabinets to make them pop nicely and give them a custom high-quality look.

Go Big with the Back Splash

You don’t necessarily need bright or vibrant kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen pop. Instead, during your kitchen remodel in Arcadia you can add in a top-quality backsplash material that really helps bring your kitchen over the top and gives it the luxury appearance that you’re after. Good quality backsplash tiles aren’t cheap, but they make a huge impact and are worth the investment.

Consider a Window Seat

Window seats are rarely found in kitchens any longer, but they can add a nice cozy element to your space that makes them more enjoyable to be in. Want an area to relax in between stirring, chopping and moving things in and out of the oven? A good window seat is just the addition for you. Try using bookshelves and base kitchen cabinets to create a seating location and then add a stylish pad to the top to make a nice seat for you, or your guests to relax while the cooking takes place.

Make Use of Accent Wall Paint

Sometimes it’s not your cabinets that are the problem at all, and instead, it’s your kitchen walls. There’s no reason that you should be stuck with an unattractive kitchen because the paint is taking away from the look of your cabinets. Consider changing the wall color during your home renovations in Scottsdale to make your kitchen pop and to bring out the best in your cabinets.

There are a bunch of things that you can change your kitchen and your cabinets to make space look nicer, and most of those changes don’t have to cost you a fortune either. Stop considering a complete replacement of your kitchen cabinets and start looking at the simple upgrades that you can do to make the most of your current space. You’ll be amazed at what a few simple changes can do for your kitchen, your cabinets and the overall appearance of your home. Keep these improvements in mind for your future home renovations in Scottsdale and let any contractors know exactly what you want when you begin working with them. That’s the only way to get what you want out of a new project.

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