[15 Survival Tips] to Get You Through The Process Of Kitchen Remodel

[15 Survival Tips] to Get You Through The Process Of Kitchen Remodel

If your thinking about remodeling your kitchen, then get ready to experience a roller coaster ride that has its highs and lows. The highs involve feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment as you slowly see your kitchen, one of the most important areas of your home, getting a much-needed upgrade. The lows, on the other hand, involve the frustration and hardships that you need to endure once the construction process begins and once you come to the realization that you and your family are temporarily relieved from a properly operating kitchen for a certain period.

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Many homeowners taking on the path towards a complete kitchen makeover put a considerable amount of time and energy in choosing the ideal paradise valley kitchen remodeling contractor, paint style, plumbing, and cabinets remodel Phoenix and cabinets remodel Scottsdale, that they forget to prepare for how such a vital home improvement project can affect their daily living.

With that being said, it’s important to remember that when you reap the heart of your home, you will need to have a sound plan on how to survive the weeks or months long and often vexing construction ahead and here are 15 tips that will help you out.

1. Emptying your kitchen the right way

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your kitchen for its coming death and rebirth and this means emptying it from various essential items that would otherwise get in the way of the process. When you pull out your kitchen’s arsenal, remember to organize them into three neat groups:

  • For safekeeping
  • For temporary use (you will need to set-up a temporary kitchen while your original one is undergoing its transformation which will be explained in tip #2)
  • For permanent disposal (You can also give them away or recycle them)

Put those things that you labeled for safekeeping in an appropriate box so you can access them later when you need to. You will never know when a blender can become handy especially in making soothing fruit shakes on a hot summer day.

2. Set-up a temporary kitchen

You will need to kiss your kitchen goodbye for quite some time while it’s remodeled, which means having a temporary one would be vital for preparing your everyday meals. If there is an area that has enough extra space inside your home, you can move the fridge there so you can use it daily. If it’s not possible, you can get a small fridge in which you can store your food items. Having an extra microwave would also be a vital addition to your temporary kitchen and other appliances, like a coffee maker, that can make your life easier during the construction period as well.

There is also paradise valley kitchen remodeling companies that provide free cooking equipment during work, and this can be a great bonus when you’re surviving your kitchen remodeling project.

3. Plan for dishwashing

Washing the dishes is something that you certainly don’t have to plan or strategize for in an ordinary day, but during a kitchen remodeling project, where access to a functional sink is impossible for weeks and even months, it would be. That’s why it’s important that you have a sound dishwashing strategy in place while your cabinets remodel Phoenix is in place. Having a utility sink can come in handy, especially if you’re not comfortable using your bathtub or washing machine for washing the dishes.

4. Expect plenty of noise, dust, and clutter

Even simple cabinets remodel Scottsdale project can be disorderly, stressful and even costly and unfortunately, there is just no escaping it. That’s why you need to prepare for all the noise, dust and construction clutter that will come your way. Different people have varying tolerance for all the chaos that comes along with a kitchen remodeling project. If you’re someone who easily becomes unnerved by disorder and clutter in your home, the best thing to do would be to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of your outdoor space once your contractor begins tearing up your kitchen.

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5. Expect a mental marathon

From selecting the right appliances, kitchen style, and paint patterns, there are plenty of decisions that you need to make once your paradise valley kitchen remodeling is set in motion. And your brainstorming won’t just stop from there as anything can suddenly happen while the project is going one like a new idea that just popped up and you want to add on your kitchen or that frustrating realization that the lighting fixture is simply out of place. It’s going to be a mental marathon that will end only when the remodeling is finished. So you don’t have a mental break down, you can ask for input and ideas from your contractor and even from your family members as well.

6. Don’t forget your other loved ones

Obviously, you want to prioritize planning for you and your family ahead of your cabinets remodel Phoenix project but don’t forget to think about your pets too – if you have any that is. Try to find an area far away from the ongoing construction where they can comfortably eat, rest, and go about their business. Some cats and dogs are accustomed to accessing the kitchen area and if this is the case, you will need to plan more in advance.

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7. Design in advance

If you want to undergo a complete kitchen and cabinets remodel Scottsdale project, then it would be wise to discuss the matter with an architect before starting. Back jobs are costly that’s why it’s important that you consider how your kitchen is going to achieve a perfect balance of style and functionality. Many paradise valley kitchen remodeling companies would advise making a simple sketch which can aid in pinpointing possible issues that can arise once the kitchen remodeling begins. As a good rule of thumb, having a skilled labor involved in the design period would be wise as they can let you know in advance some potential, costly drawbacks.

8. Or hire a designer

If you feel that creating your own design for your kitchen is simply beyond you or you don’t want to risk following a poor design, you can hire a designer. There are plenty of material and color choices that you need to make so you can come up with the kitchen that suits your aesthetic taste and functional needs and the whole process can be quite overwhelming. This is where a professional designer can help you a lot in guiding you towards the right choices and decisions. Hiring one will surely be a decision that you won’t regret in the end and something that you will if you don’t.

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9. Order everything in advance

When a kitchen and cabinets remodel Phoenix project drags on, it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to be so drained and encumbered that ordering basic hardware and equipment can sometimes be difficult to do which in turn delays the whole project. It’s easy to become mentally fatigued by the decision marathon that was discussed in the 5th tip in the middle of the project that’s why it’s important to prepare yourself for such a possibility. And one good way to go about this is by ordering as much paradise valley kitchen remodeling equipment and essentials as you can so you won’t stress yourself in sourcing them out at some point in the project.

10. Say farewell to your garage

During your kitchen and cabinets remodel Scottsdale construction, your garage may become a temporary workplace for assembling cabinets and drawers and storage place for tools and different carpentry equipment. It can also become the number one graveyard for old appliances, construction clutter and just about any item that needs some temporary safekeeping.

With that being said, you may want to prepare for the worse for your beloved garage. Piles of sawdust, sand, and cement residues are all common so be sure that you cover or relocate any stuff in your garage that you don’t want to be a victim of construction collateral damage. And be sure to move things that you will use on a daily basis so you will avoid the frustrating ordeal of getting your lawn mower out from a jungle of piled wood and cabinet doors.

11. Make your food plan simple

Obviously, you don’t have a fully functional kitchen at your home just yet which means you need to keep things simple when it comes to food. Ordering pizza and Starbucks coffee is something that you may find yourself being acquainted with from time to time while your kitchen remodeling is undergoing. You can also opt for simple but nourishing dishes like sandwiches, cereal, and fruit if you don’t like the idea of chowing down on processed and instant food every day.

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12. Budget extra

If you already have an estimate of the possible costs of your cabinets remodel Phoenix, make sure to include 20 percent extra for additional costs. If it’s something that is beyond your financial capacity at the moment, then it might be best to wait for the time when you can come up with the money. The reason for this is because unforeseen things can pop up anytime in renovation projects, which means having that additional 20 percent of your budget could help a lot in times of emergency expenses.

13. Trust in the process

Never doubt the people that you brought in for your kitchen makeover. And if there are things that bother you, never hesitate to ask. Don’t just second-guess anything, especially if they belong to the category of “small stuff”. This means that you don’t have to stress yourself on the tiny details such as hardware and countertop edges. Maintain a proper sense of perspective. It might not look like what you expected at the start and in the middle of the construction but trust that everything will come together beautifully in the end.

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14. Stay out of the house more often than not

If you want to completely relieve yourself from all the stress and hassle of a kitchen and cabinets remodel Scottsdale project, you might want to stay out more often than not. There are those who look for temporary, furnished rentals during the most painstaking period of the construction. You might also want to try going on a vacation with your family until the dust settles.

15. Look for the right kitchen remodeling company

Most importantly, always work with the right kitchen remodeling company that is ideal for your unique needs. Ask for recommendations from your friends who recently had a paradise valley kitchen remodeling project. Try interviewing them on how the process went and if the contractor was good. The contractor you choose should be honest on relaying the timeframe in which your normal everyday living will be affected.

Aside from the racket and chaos involved, even the simple fact that people you don’t know will be coming in and out of your sanctuary that is your home every day will have some kind of effect on you and your family in numerous ways. If you are one of those people who can easily make friends with new people, then it won’t be much of problem. But if you’re not, then you may want to interview your contractor first so you will know whether or not it would be seamless for you to survive the construction period.

And most importantly… don’t forget to be positive!

Being positive can help you a lot in surviving what could prove to be a long and arduous process. When you find yourself becoming stressed out from all the mess, relax, take a deep breath and think about the positive side of everything that is happening. At the end of all the sacrifice and patience is a brand new kitchen that will enhance your day to day living. This is something that you need to focus on so you can have the right mindset from start to finish.

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