[15 Best] Room Addition Ideas In 2018

[15 Best] Room Addition Ideas In 2018

Home additions are major investments that can really change the way that you use the space of your home. These changes can expand the space that you have to work in your kitchen, give you more room to add a larger dining space for guests, or they can be for more enjoyable pursuits. Below are plenty of different addition ideas for home renovations in Arcadia.

Present a few of them to your contractor and find out what can be done and what can’t. No matter what sort of home you want, you should be able to achieve it with the right room addition contractors in Phoenix on your side, and the right plan for exactly what you’re looking for. Take the time to plan things out and then start looking for the professional help that you’ll need to make it happen.

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Two Story Porch

A cool addition to any home that needs a bit more lounge space is a two-story porch addition. Down on the bottom of the addition, you would add a sunroom for lounging. At the top of the addition would be an additional bedroom or something enclosed that would fill a need in the upstairs section of your home. Room addition contractors in Phoenix could help you put both on at the same time and it would be more affordable than just adding a single bottom level addition would on considering the cost of each room.

The Lifted Deck

Decks are an excellent area to relax, take in some sun and to put things like grills or plants. Instead of just thinking about room additions in Scottsdale, you should consider the benefits that a lifted deck has to offer. By putting a lifted deck on your home, you create fun outdoor space for a room on the second story. You also create a shaded area for lounging down below, which is perfect for relaxing in the summertime when full sunlight is undesirable.

Master Bath Addition

Many older homes have small master bathrooms or no master bathroom at all. That’s an excellent reason to invest in addition home renovations in Arcadia. Consider how much nicer it would be to have a full-sized master bathroom for you to lounge in at the end of the day. It gives you the space that you desire and helps enhance the overall quality of your home. The right room addition contractors in Phoenix will understand the value of a quality master bathroom and should have some ideas to help you make the most of the space as well.

Master Closet

Just as a master bedroom is an important addition, so is a walk-in closet. Today more than ever, people value walk-in closets. It’s nice to have a place to store all your clothing, shoes and other valuables and a walk-in closet is just the area for that. When it comes to room additions in Scottsdale, a closet is one of the most beneficial if you’re looking to enhance your bedroom in some way. Consider how much space you need for storage and try to work that into your addition when you talk with your room addition contractors in Phoenix before having any work done.

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Additional Bedrooms

While it might not be the most exciting option, adding additional bedrooms is one of the most practical ways to improve a home. When it comes to home renovations in Arcadia, adding bedrooms is one of the most effective ways to make a house more valuable and to help get more people interested in the space when you go to resell. This is especially true if you currently have two or fewer bedrooms in your existing home.

Outdoor Living Room

When looking at room additions in Scottsdale, something like an outdoor living room makes a lot of sense. For much of the year, it’s warm enough to relax with the windows open and a space connected to the outdoors. Sure you may not want to lounge outdoors in the heat of the summer, but for the rest of the year it’s nice to have a living space that opens to your backyard, and that’s what a good outdoor living room will do. Out of all the room additions in Scottsdale, this one will help you entertain your guests the best and it goes along really well with a nice grill area, an outdoor deck, and a swimming pool.

15 Best Room Addition Ideas
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Home Office

If you work from home and you’re looking for a more professional space to get tasks done, a home office can be a really good investment. Take the time to work with room addition contractors in Phoenix to plan out all the amenities that you’ll want in a home office, and to help you get the right amount of space so that you can fit all your equipment comfortably. Home office additions don’t have to be huge, but they can make a big difference when you want to get more work done at home.


If you’re a big reader and you have many books to store away, a home library can be a relaxing addition to your home. There are many different ideas for home renovations in Arcadia, but few will bring a book lover as much joy as a home library. Make sure there is plenty of shelving for all your books, along with ample room for seating and tables to study, write and lounge while reading a good book. Every book lover deserves a place to go to read, and your library could be that very place.

Guest Suite

Need a place for your guests to sleep that isn’t on a roll-up bed in the middle of your living room? A guest suite can be an excellent addition to your home if you have people over frequently. There are few room additions in Scottsdale that will be more welcoming to people and make them want to come and visit you as much as a guest suite. Invest in your visitors and get in touch with room addition contractors in Phoenix to find out how you can get a guest suite put onto your home.

Try and add in a small kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping area if you really want to get fancy. If you add in a separate entrance you could even rent the space out to someone else if you ever stop wanting guests at your home, which is an added bonus to help you recoup some of that investment later on.

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Second Living Room

While this isn’t the most popular addition, if you have parties frequently and want more indoor space, or if you have a larger family, a second living room is an excellent investment. It creates more seating space, offers more entertaining potential and gives you the room that you need to keep everyone comfortable. Plus it gives you a space to watch what you want when the kids are hogging the other TV. A second living room is something to consider for home renovations in Arcadia, think of the possibilities.

Home Gym

Whether you don’t have access to a public gym, don’t want to pay the expensive membership costs for the rest of your life, or you simply want a space that you can work out in when you don’t feel like going out, it makes sense to invest in a space to serve as your home gym. A good quality home gym gives you room to work out, offers space for all your most important equipment and will serve as an area for you to stay in shape over the years. It should have a solid foundation floor, or at the very least very thick flooring that can support plenty of weight. Also, consider using something like rubber flooring to make it more comfortable to work out in.

Spa Room

There are few room additions in Scottsdale more relaxing than an indoor spa room. Treat yourself with your own luxurious hot tub lounge and you’ll be relaxing at the end of every day with a warm soak. Talk with room addition contractors in Phoenix about how to finish the room and to put in the proper flooring that’s all going to hold up in the damp conditions of an indoor hot tub. There are few options that you’ll enjoy more than a built-in hot tub space, and that’s why it’s highly recommended if you are looking for a way to treat yourself when thinking of home renovations in Arcadia.

Hot tubs outdoors are relaxing, but when you want a bit more privacy to go along with your soak, and you don’t mind spending a bit more money to treat yourself, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a high-quality hot tub room that you can really relax in. It’s amazing how nice this type of space can be with the right investment and team behind it, and it’s not as difficult as you would imagine.

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Home Workshop

Create the space that you need to work on projects at home with a home workshop. Whether you need the space to set up your saws, drill presses, lathes and other heavy machinery, or you just want a room to do some sewing and crafting, a dedicated workspace is really nice for all sorts of hobbies. Stop dealing with the time commitment of picking all your tools and equipment up after working with them, and just keep everything set up in an arrangement that’s convenient for you. It’s a good investment and there are few room additions in Scottsdale that will offer as much utility. Room addition contractors in Phoenix will know how to meet the space and power requirements of such a space, but make sure they fully understand what you are going to do with it.

The Greenhouse Addition

Imagine a sunroom added to your home, but one that’s dedicated to plants. No matter what time of year it is, you can head out to your greenhouse space and enjoy looking at all your different plants. In the summer months, you’ll have a large array of windows that you can open up to help keep the heat from becoming too intense, and you’ll be able to grow all sorts of lush greenery. This is one of the unique home renovations in Arcadia that you’ll see, but it’s the perfect way to dress up a space for homeowners that truly love planting and gardening.

Consider adding in a sink or a hose bib to this space for easy access to water, and a bunch of windows in the roof itself to let in plenty of sunlight no matter what time of day that it is. This room could become your indoor oasis, and it gives you the ability to adjust things like temperature, humidity, and other important growing conditions so that you can make favorable conditions for your specific plants.

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Game Room

Whether you want to relax at the end of the day with a game of pool, by tossing around some darts, by enjoying your favorite arcade game or with a game of ping-pong, it’s cool to have space for indoor games if you want to play them. An indoor game room is a fun investment and it’s something that most room addition contractors in Phoenix can help you with. Figure out all that you want to put into space, and then talk with the professionals about your ideas for home renovations in Arcadia. You’ll love the new space once it’s finished, and you’ll quickly see just how beneficial it is to you as well.

With so many different room addition possibilities, you should be able to come up with the perfect home renovations in Arcadia for you and your family specifically. Figure out what you want your home to be like, and then get working to make it exactly that. Sure it will take some time and money, but with the right professionals you can make your house into the structure that you want it to be.

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