12 Inspiring Room Additions in 2018 (That Actually Work)

12 Inspiring Room Additions in 2018 (That Actually Work)

After going through a house and remodeling what you don’t like about it and creating an ideal setting, the only value-adding method remaining for you to take advantage of our room additions. Remodeling contractors in Scottsdale can help you expand the size of your home, add new rooms to your space and even up your home’s value with a bit of help. Below are the top 12 room additions to make to your home in 2018 and how they can make a huge difference for you and your family.

1. A kitchen expansion

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and the last thing that prospective buyers want to experience is a small cramped space. That’s why one of the first recommended enhancements that remodeling contractors in Scottsdale talk about is a kitchen expansion. Adjusting a small kitchen to have a larger footprint creates more opportunities for customization, and can help transform a smaller home to make it feel large and luxurious.

When talking with room addition contractors in Phoenix or remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, make sure to mention any features that you want to be added to your kitchen so that a proper addition size can be worked out. Mention things like added storage, larger appliances, more counter space, an island, an eat-in area and anything else that would enhance the overall feel and function of your kitchen. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get all your money back on a kitchen expansion, but when you have home renovations in Scottsdale completed, it makes a lot of sense to focus on the kitchen, space where most interested buyers head first.

2. Creating a master bedroom

There’s nothing that says luxury in a home like a beautiful master bedroom. It really makes sense to go all out to create a beautiful master bedroom, because the ones in charge of buying the home are the ones that benefit from a beautiful space. Room addition contractors in Phoenix can help you get all the good features worked into the space that will help raise the value of your home. Standard features that room addition contractors in Phoenix will suggest include a walk-in closet, a bathroom and a large bedroom with space for a king-sized bed as well as a complete set of furniture. While these suggestions are standard, they can be adjusted to suit your tastes to help you get exactly the home that you’re looking for.

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3. Including a master bathroom

A Master Bedroom is nothing without the attached bathroom, which is why most homeowners plan on adding a bathroom addition at the same time that they add or expand a bedroom to make it into the master. One of the most popular room additions in Scottsdale is a master bathroom, and that’s because it makes a home more desirable, and it’s something that most buyers are looking for.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be enormous, but it should have space for a small closet, double sinks, a toilet and a shower. A bath is an added bonus as well but demands a significantly larger structure overall. Plan out the amenities that you want in your attached bathroom, but also consider features that will affect resale value when talking with remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. The experts can help recommend little features to add and the materials that would work best for adding value to space and also help you steer clear of additions that simply aren’t worth the cost.

4. Adding another bedroom

Whether you have a little one on the way that you want to provide space for, you need a bedroom for guests to sleep in when they come to visit, or you just want to improve the value of your home, there are few changes you can make that will have such a large impact as adding an additional bedroom. Imagine for instance that you have a two bedroom home at the moment. Many potential buyers will skip right over your offering if they’re looking for something with three rooms or more.

By talking with experts about room additions in Scottsdale, you can easily add on one or two additional bedrooms to your home and make it more marketable to interested buyers. Not only does adding another room help you sell your home, but it gives you more space to work with while you continue to live in your space. You’ll have to talk over all the details with room addition contractors in Phoenix, but you should be able to figure out how to make these home renovations in Scottsdale to get the most value out of an added room or two. The change won’t scare away too many buyers, and it will open your home up to a bunch of additional people at the same time.

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5. Add in a bathroom

Family homes with a single bathroom aren’t very enjoyable to be in. Children and parents alike have all experienced the discomfort of waiting for a bathroom to open up in these types of homes. If you live in a single bathroom home at the moment, you could see a serious return on your investment by adding another on to your space. On the list of room additions in Scottsdale, an additional bathroom ranks very high up.

When adding another bathroom you could create a great space with room for a soaker tub, a double sink, and a luxurious shower, or you could go with an economical half-bath. Either way, you decide to go, your room addition contractors in Phoenix can help you bring your vision to life and make your home more desirable in the process. You’ll have an easier time attracting interested buyers with another bathroom, and you’ll enjoy the addition the whole time you live there as well.

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6. Add in dining space

Eat-in kitchens were once popular and something that families looked for, but those days are gone for the most part. Now families are looking for a large dining space that’s somewhat separate from the kitchen. That’s why dining room additions are becoming more and more popular. This is an especially good idea if you have a small area for dining space at the moment. Many remodeling contractors in Scottsdale specialize in creating dining room additions that branch off of the kitchen seamlessly. Do yourself a favor and modify your home with the dining space that you’ve always wanted.

You can create enough space for a large table that seats 6, 8, 10 or even 12 people for gatherings. This space will make it easy for you and your family to sit down for meals together, and it will certainly appeal to new interested buyers as long as the dining room is put in with care. The remodeling contractors in Scottsdale that you work with should be experienced with home renovations in Scottsdale and how to put in dining rooms specifically. Work with designers to get the layout just right and to figure out the most appealing area to add your room as well. Once you have all those specifics down, you can move on to paying remodeling contractors in Scottsdale to come in and make the actual changes to your home for you.

7. Create a family room

While an extra room such as a family room doesn’t pack quite the punch that a larger kitchen, an additional bathroom or bedroom does, it can give you and your family the space that you need for something extra. Whether you want to create a fun lounge area for you and your guests that come visit, or you want to create a spot for your family to relax in that doesn’t have to be as upscale and formal as your living room, a family room is a real asset to any home. Of all the room additions in Scottsdale, a family room is one that can help make your home a bit easier to get ready for entertaining.

Room addition contractors in Phoenix can help you create a relaxed space for you and your family with comfy couches, plenty of pillows and all the entertainment goodies that you want. When working with the right remodeling contractors they can help you position this room so that it’s away from everyone else and so that it serves as a space for relaxing that you don’t have to keep meticulously cleaned all the time. It’s a value-added feature to any home, and some buyers will be very excited to see a family room when looking for your home.

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8. Game room

For families that like to have fun, a game room is one of the best room additions in Scottsdale that you can make. By putting in an extra room you can create space for a pool table, ping pong, arcade-style games, a video game setup and anything else that your family needs the space for to have fun. A good game room is a real asset for larger families and it’s something that new buyers will get excited about. The best part about most game room additions is that they can be reused in different ways. As long as your room addition contractors in Phoenix create the addition properly, you can get a space that will appeal to new buyers every single time, because who doesn’t like additional space to work with?

9. Bar room

There’s nothing says sophistication like a barroom in a home. If you and your family are after an entertaining space for adults, a barroom is an excellent way to spice things up. These room additions in Scottsdale should have space for a full bar, some seating, a pool table, a television, a surround sound system and anything else that you want to use for entertaining purposes. Talk with remodeling contractors in Scottsdale about adding in additional features like a wet bar, power for a refrigerator and perhaps a little side bathroom as well for your guests.

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10. Creating a great room

While this is a more expensive addition, some room addition contractors in Phoenix will advise you to create a great room in your home with raised ceilings. The right remodeling contractors in Scottsdale understand how to expand in addition to two stories, and create a high lifted up space that’s inspiring and exciting to have in a home. If your home is situated properly on your lot, you could improve its curb appeal by dressing up the entrance to a much grander great room. This addition will give you a larger living space at the front of your home, and it will help give your home a more luxurious look and feel at the same time.

11. Creating a theater room

Most people enjoy watching television, movies and other sorts of videos at home, and nothing compares to a nice quiet theater room for this type of activity. Talk with experts on home renovations in Scottsdale and treat you and your family to a fully-functioning theater room complete with added soundproofing, comfortable recliners and a large wall for mounting a projector screen for viewing the latest films. You’ll love the space, and so will many buyers.

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12. A sunroom addition

For residents in the Phoenix area, nothing makes more sense than the addition of a sunroom. Semi-outdoor room additions in Scottsdale happen all the time, because of how warm it is throughout the year. You can create an excellent space to relax in during the milder days of the year by adding on a sunroom, and it’s the type of addition that most remodeling contractors in Scottsdale can install affordably. It’s a good value-added item, and won’t cost too much to put on either.

Each of these home addition ideas can help you increase the value of your home while making it more functional at the same time. Just make sure that when you consider room additions in Scottsdale, you consult remodeling contractors in Scottsdale for help. Home renovations in Scottsdale are exciting, but they won’t add value to your home unless you’re relying on expert advice to get you the best possible improvements like Pankow Construction.

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