[12 Essential] Makeover Tips For Your Exterior Remodeling

[12 Essential] Makeover Tips For Your Exterior Remodeling

Your exterior creates the initial impression about your home. Make this first expression something worth remembering by giving your exteriors a cheerful remodel.

Give the façade a timeless appeal and an inspirational touch with these exterior makeover tips.

Start by clean the front lawn: One of the best things you can do as a homeowner trying to have a clean and stylish look is clearing up the space, mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes. Most of this doesn’t even cost anything, people just have to to take the time to upkeep.

I’m confused about remodeling the exterior of my home? Where do i start?

First, understand home remodeling projects are no joke because they take time and homeowners need to make sure the remodeling is done right. So, spend as much time researching your ideas about exterior remodels and if your unsure then consult with a professional. This is the first step to start a successful remodel.

This list is made for homeowners ready to begin remodeling the exterior of their house, so if you note these ideas then a dream remodeling project will become reality.

1. Make sure the exterior of your home has symmetry

In order to look properly designed, a home remodel should have the perfect balance and symmetry. Neighbors will be impressed when they see a the exterior of your home. This is a tip that may be underlooked, however with the exterior remodeling contractor should already know how to make the outside of your home symmetrical.

2. The Balance durability and aesthetics

So, the exterior of your home needs to be protected from all conditions, but also show off your personal style. Some ideas with have to be sacrificed if you’re in an area with a lot of storms, for example, if you wanted the exterior of your home to be glass then you will either need very strong glass or find another design you like.

1. Front door: The most common thing guest notice when they enter your house is the front door. Make it more inviting for your guests by remodeling a new door or buying a new one. If you want to make the door more inviting then consider painting the door like classic white, wood brown or bolder colors like red and green.
2. Windows: Keep the windows sparkling clean and if needed get them repaired or replaced. The style and design of your windows can definitely step up the look and appearance of your house.
3. Sidings: Another thing that can increase the exterior of your house is the siding. Make sure you get the old and damaged siding. You can choose from lap siding, shingles, fiber cement panels, stucco and many others.

3. Try the design first before commiting to a finished exterior home remodel

Before you fully commit to a exterior remodel, look at similar homes with the same concept, have a drawing created, or try Pankow Constructions 3D remodeling software. The purpose of measurements is to build a model of your existing home. This allows for keeping track of the work needed and show you where the new home remodeling will be taking place. A 3D remodeling blueprint can often aid in important discussions such as structural, plumbing, electrical or other important construction processes.

Don’t work without a design. Some projects require different needs, but having a great floor plan will make a tremendous difference in remodeling the exterior of you home.

Also, changing your mind often will not help. While, it’s probably impossible that you won’t change your mind about something in the exterior remodeling project, it will end in a change order. Basically, the change order can be mirror but will affect the project in small ways, so try to be defenaite on decisions.

4. Do your research on exterior remodels

Make sure you gather ideas and make decisions before hand. With exterior remodeling everyone wants to make sure the job is done right the first time, so take time to research other remodels.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors about the renovation work they have had done, and the problem they have faced during their exterior remodeling process.

Want some ideas for inspiration?

Try this, look online or drive around neighborhoods for ideas. This will help give you a better understanding of what you want out of the exterior of your home remodel.

exterior remodel

5. The outside of your neighbors house matters

Although you do not want to copy the exact design your neighbors exterior, you want it to match in a way that does not stand out. If the home was blue home, your bright green home will stand out like a sore thumb. You also wouldn’t want to put a log home next to a 2018 modern style for example.

The exterior of your home should be customized with your neighbors in mind but with a style matching your personality.

6. Know your budget for your remodeling project

If anything, you should try to spend the least of a budget in case something were to come up during the remodel. Everybody has different homes that have been repaired differently, there is not much worse than designing at the top of your budget, only to realize that there are a few more additions needed.

Second, decide how much money you have to complete the exterior remodel. You can have a different number for what you hope you can stay under and the absolute maximum amount you can spend.

Having a planned out budget will help with the remodeling process. The exterior of homes might not be the most complicated with plumbing and wall, but there is always a chance so be prepared.

7. Know it starts with safety

You should start with what material is most practical for durability and safety in your area. Then start choosing items in your budget. Lastly, look at the design element that you like because there is no sense dreaming of options that are not feasible for your home needs.

Also, being a distraction never helps. While our contractors love talking with you, we are serious about providing top notch service. Kids can be a safety hazard, so keep them in a controlled position while the exterior of your home is being constructed. This is a safety measure.

Kids around not only are a distraction for the workers especially if they are causing a lot of noise. The remodeling environment isn’t always safe and can easily have an accident that can be avoided by making sure the kids know not to mess around in the c-zone.

8. Landscaping is important for making your home have life

Landscaping can be the extra part need to make the exterior of your home pop! Adding beautiful plants, stunning rock pathways, or anything around the exterior of your home can be the difference in standing out. Keep in mind large rocks, plants, and other landscaping supplies are just as much a part of your home as the outside doors.

landscaping your home

9. Proper exterior lighting

Lighting can really the “wow” effect on friends and family. This feature of homes is sometimes underlooked but can be a vital part of your homes stunning affect. Some people will put thousand of dollars into lighting as it really make the difference in the exterior of your home. Check out some of the exterior lighting professionally designed homes use to get ideas.

Here are some ideas for lighting:

1. Door Area
2. Walkways
3. Entryway
4. Nature Lighting (trees, plants, bushes)
5. Windows

10. Know Your End Goal

Know what you want. Before you decide how to renovate, you need to know what your end goal is for your exterior remodeling project. Are you going to be renovating for resale value of your home, or will you be remodeling for the years to come. Consider the neighborhood where you live, and know why you are remodeling. The best way to go about this is consulting with a professional for deeper insight.

11. Materials

Buying your own materials can be a waste of time. It seems like an great way to save some money on the exterior remodels because a builder is going to markup the cost of materials and pass the total cost to you. That’s all true, but the builder will usually get a better price than you.

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12. Enjoy your new exterior!

Now is time to start the building process. If the work is too disruptive for your daily life, you will need to find somewhere to stay during this time.

The last step is the most fun! Now you will be able to drive up to your house every day feeling proud of the home you live in.


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If your home is in its original condition, chances are the windows and doors are leaking energy. Today’s window and door standards are much higher and designed to keep your inside air in, and the outside elements out. This is especially crucial for the brutal Phoenix summers!

Just because windows and doors serve a functional purpose, doesn’t mean they can’t add aesthetic value. In fact, new windows and doors are an effective way to improve your home’s curb appeal. You can also create an indoor/outdoor space by adding bi-fold doors to take advantage of the Phoenix’s fair weather months.

Find the right help should be just as important as choosing your materials. They will make a big difference on the way your home turns out. Going the cheap route isn’t always as great as it sounds. Find someone that you can trust, has great ideas, and has your best interest in mind!

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Also, Pankow Construction is a professional design and build firm. Which means your designer, project manager and construction team work under the same roof. From the beginning, you work with a designer to build a exterior remodel in 3D including windows, siding/stucco, rooflines, additions and hardscapes. This is by far the best way to visualize your new exterior remodel and ensure What You See is What You Get. After a design and budget are approved, we hand things over to the project manager to help you with your timeline, schedule and ordering any selections such as windows, lighting, pavers, etc. From there we are able to start construction with a proper road map that keeps everyone on the same page.

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