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3D Design


The initial consultation is a walk through at your home to get to know each other, discuss the scope of your home remodel, and knock around potential design/remodeling ideas. You can set up an appointment by calling (602-595-0799) or leaving a message at our contact page.


Not just any design, a design in 3D that captures every nuance of your home, kitchen or bathroom remodel. The process is faster than 2D drawings and the "What You See is What You Get" factor is unbeatable. Our design team is classically trained in architectural design and have over 10 years of residential remodeling experience.


This is often the most overlooked part of a remodel, however it is crucial to any efficient construction phase. We've invested time to standardize process that includes detailed construction documents, selections services, and proper project introduction to project managers, super-intendants and sub contractors.


This is when everything gets real. It can be messy at times, but our time invested in planning along side our experienced super intendants and project managers ensure the remodeling locomative does not derail.


It would be criminal to leave a homeowner out to dry after a remodel (because it is for any licensed General Contractor). We provide warranty on our work for up to two years and take pride in our speedy repsonse time.

If Construction Happens in 3D-Shouldn't Design?

Pankow Construction has more than 10 years of 3D remodeling experience in Phoenix. We have the technical skills to ensure your design process is fast, efficient and a true representation of your completed remodel.

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Home Remodeling requires a high level of problem solving - so it helps to know what those problems are ahead of time. Pankow Construction has over 17 years of extensive home remodeling in Phoenix, which means we've seen a lot! More importantly, we've learned a great deal about the nuances of remodeling such as client relationships, scheduling, budgeting, expectations and everything in between - allowing us to provide our clients with the best home remodeling experience possible!

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Home Remodeling throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.


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Founded in 2000 and located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ servicing Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We're steps away from the famous Postino's, La Grande Orange and Ingo's in Arcadia Lite.

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